Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


:applause: Congratulations Jonny

Really great work and good to see the UK so well represented

See you in the next challenge :bounce: :thumbsup:


Congratulations Johnny! You definitely deserve it!


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool:


Yes! You did it, Johnny! :applause:
Congrats on the win and see you in the next Challenge. :thumbsup:


Yay Jonny! Woo bloody hoo! Congratulations dear chap! See you in the next one, or mybe just at work on monday! Hic…


Jonny congratulations for your award!:thumbsup: Enjoy!


well what’s left to say but :bounce::buttrock::applause::thumbsup: oh and :beer:


hey Johnny! Congratulations for one more gerat entry of urs and geting prize for it. This one was also one of my favorites, the story and characters were so well developed that the spectacularity was crying out of this piece. Hope to see u in next challenges as well (acctually I dont doubt in that at all, hehe) so see u there!


Nice! Not a lot of folks can do what you do, just your drive and determination alone deserves an award.

Looking forward to seeing your next piece of art. And next challenge, try to free up more time and make less excuses!! Congratsss!! :applause:


Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the comments i’ve received since the results came out and an even bigger thanks for all the suggestions, comments and encouragement i received whilst the challenge was underway!

It was a struggle finishing this challenge because amongst a busy day job in the games industry, various bits of freelance and some personal projects i had very bad Carpal Tunnel where my drawing hand became a bit useless for most stuff in November. Luckily it was getting better in the last week or two of the challenge and i managed to get this piece finished. I’ve actually snapped a tendon on my ring finger on my left hand now. My splint is playing havoc with my Photoshop shortcuts!!

I also wanted to mention my grandad. He died three weeks before the end of the challenge, and the story behind my piece was inspired by him. He was called Joseph Duddle (like the kid in my story) and his dad was a master clog maker (hence the clog references), although my grandad went on to be a bus mechanic (after serving in the British Army in North Africa and the invasion of Italy in WW2). He was from Salford in Manchester which inspired the environment in the piece. I started the piece when he was ill and planned on showing it him, but i was a bit slow. Ho hum. But i’m sure he’d have a big grin on his face if he knew a picture inspired by the grimy Manchester he knew as a kid had won a prize!

Thanks again for all the ‘Congratulations’… gotta do some work now…

See ya’ll in the next one!


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