Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


hello there! I must say that I was really hoping that u’ll finish that image in time. Since u stopped working on it for a while, and the deadline was heading towards us so quickly, there was a doubt and sadness at the same time in me. But u really did an amaizing job in last few days and I couldnt even keep up with ur updates anymore :slight_smile: congratulations for ur fantasting entry, good luck and all the best in the voting process and sorry for all the mistakes in this post :slight_smile: cya in next challenge!


Congratulations. You have finished a really wonderful, freaky piece that has heaps of atmosphere. You can almost hear the music in it. I love all the details, the choice of colours, the composition and the theme. Well done ! :bowdown:


OooOOoh… it’s not even a week but i can’t cope with the suspense… i don’t think i’m very patient. Ho hum. Mibus says the results will be quicker than the last challenge so fingers crossed for an announcement before xmas!

dunkelgold: haha… the mationettes were fun to do. I had to keep them pretty simple because of their size on screen and because they were set back. It’s always so tempting to pile in detail when you can zoom so close in Photoshop! But it’s also immensly satisfying to get the look you want with a limited amount of brush strokes.

tuck: Thanks… There’s a little bit of variation in style and tightness in this piece between the city kids and the nearest circus folk, but that was intentional and hopefully they sit well together.

Pat Piper: Hello Pat… Thanks for the comment. They do all look a bit sulky. Maybe i overdid it! And i did have a lot of fun doing it! I’ve actually realised that my juggler kinda went awol in the finished piece!

Ranath: Cheers… glad you find it interesting… :slight_smile:

Kyena: Hi Natascha! Thankyou for the very kind words! I’m considering doing a few more illustrations of my circus idea… but then there’s a ton of other stuff i need to do!

NinjaASSN: Cheers Blaz! I’ll forgive your mistakes too! :stuck_out_tongue: I was kinda forced to stop working on it because of other commitments and my carpal tunnel probelms. I’m just glad i had the time to get it finished.

Lync: hehe… cheers. I love getting comments where people can imagine the music and action. It also makes me wonder what different music different people imagine…


Sorry, Johnny forgot to post my congrats to you with your entry, dude, best of luck to you in the judging!:bounce:


ooOoh… less than a week to go… christmas helped distract me from the wait, but now i’m getting excited again!


I was getting some stuff together to update my site and did this gif for my ‘how?’ page, so i thought i’d post it.


Good luck to everyone in the judging, although it’s probably all judged by now…? With a few days to get them pages made up…?

Ho hum.

EDit: Hi beelow… sorry… missed your post. Cheers! And good luck to you too!


cool animation, although a bit too small , is it gonna be bigger on your site ?



Hi Squibbit… i did a bigger version but it was a whopping size! This one’s 360k… so i need to optimise it a bit better if i want it bigger. I’m thinking about doing the same thing for a few close ups… like the big clown’s face. I’ll post a link when i get them online (probably midweek?)

I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to do for my site because i haven’t updated for ages and ages… so i was just getting loads of gumpf in a folder and thought this would be worth posting. I’ve also started another illustration with some of the same characters (asking directions in an old Model T Ford!)


oh mamma, brilliance as always! and that baboon, that’s just special, lol! you rule so much:bounce:


Greeeeat image!!! :thumbsup:

I liked it very much! :applause:


aAaAaaarGh!! WoooHooOO!!

I got 4th prize!!

Poshspice is giving me a lift to work in 5 minutes so i can’t hang about! I’ll get online when i get to the office!! YippppPeeeEEee!!!


Congratualtion!! Great stuff, love the style and thanks for the wip image. Enjoy the prize :smiley:


congratulation johny~u did it !:thumbsup::thumbsup:one of my fav entry and i knew u’d walk away with a prize:scream:


Nice, really really nice. Like the heavy perspective in the buildings, great choice of colors, and like the “arty” touch in your image. Congratulation :thumbsup:


Congrats Johnny!

Apart from the great image you produced, you definetely deserved a prize just for the speed you created it.
And… you get the best prizes excludind the grand one.


Whee, 4th place hell yeah!! :thumbsup: See, I am always right - knew this one was going to do (get ready for it) spectacularily! I am so pleased for you Johnny, congrats.


Hi! Congratulations!! I really like your image! I’m glad for you! :slight_smile:


Congratulations Jonny!!!



Congrats! :slight_smile:




great stuff… glad to see so much uk talent at the top


Congratulations! I love your picture! i feel your scene temsion and enviroment!
Very good Job!