Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


I thought i’d post the image again with the back story. Sorry i didn’t get this posted last night. I’m gonna edit this post and reply to all you folk who’ve been so splendid to me!

Monsitj, stefan, Tranchefeux: Thankyou for the words!

Paperclip: Thanks Theresa… hope you don’t mind that it’s all so red! Haha… part of the story and the big plan, i’m afraid…

AndyH: Gotta say a big thanks for all the encouragement during the course of the challenge… and the goading when i wasn’t posting! (i was very busy with ‘proper’ work!)

Evanfotis: Thanks for the suggestions, but i was too short of time to really think about any changes last night! Glad you like it.

Slav: Ta! (But there’s definitely stuff to crit!)

Groubouk: Thanks! I need to look at your piece… not had cahnce for the last week or so and i love that long armed creature and the flying car! Is it a renault?

ChrisThatGuy: Thanks… I wanted the simple palette as a stylistic thing. Not sure if it’s worked perefectly but i’m pretty happy.

WAlrus: haha! So glad you like the image. I haven’t played Psychonauts, although ironically i started roughing out a comic called Psychonaut when i was about 19…

GonzaloGolpe: Thanks! And Daisy’s just dandy!

Matt: Thanks for the post Mr.Dixon. I think the sketches helped, although MAya reeeally helped… :slight_smile:

ahbeejieh: I have certainly come to realise that evenings of art don’t always go to plan once you have a family! And thanks about the picture!

Mythmaker, pixelplay: thankyou very much!

Sacha: Cheers! It was a close thing in the end. I’m gald i finished it at the office, because it’d have been frustrating if i’d been that close and had to spend the evening in hospital as the deadline ticked away!

Fish-KAart, zpapageo, cLos71, beelow: Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

sh@ke: Cheers Michael… and thanks for all the comments over the course of the challenge. Sorry i haven’t checked out your piece foe a few days. (I’ll look in today)

MichaelMotion: Cheers for the comments. The piece is supposed to be all about contrast… not just colours, but also the city kids and the red (spectacular?) circus.The colours were an effective way for exaggerating that contrast.

Lady Medusa: Thankyou! And i thought it was funny about the deadline… Luckily for me there was another 24 hours to go!

AndyH (again)… I’m a wannabe kids book creator trapped in a concept artists body… what can i say…?? (Maybe i should do something about it?)

Elsie: Quite a change in your Avatar!! Glad you’ve enjoyed it. And the name Daisy Duddle always seems to prompt a reaction… it made the doctor smile last night!


Wheee, you did it! :bounce: Glad to hear Daisy is fine :slight_smile: Daisy Duddle is such an awesome name, heh. The image is looking amazing, description beautifully written too. I absolutely love the red and grey theme. Fingers crossed for you :smiley: great job!


I like it so much! It looks great, characters are fantastic and spectacular, Congratz and good luck! :bounce:


hi jonny!
you have captured an awesome mood with your piece. i´ve just read the description and it fits perfectly! :thumbsup:

i love the characters, really beautiful style :slight_smile:

best of luck with the judges!


freakin awesome pic, love the style and look of it. greatly done.



Yay! You finished it! And fantastic it is too! This is one of those images that first makes you go wow! Then it kinda grabs hold of you and won’t let go until you’ve sucked every detail out of it and appreciated it in full. And then of course there is the description. I’ve tried my hand at writing for kids, it’s not easy, but you make it seem effortless! Your master and servant entry had some promise as a kids book, but my god, this reeks of children’s masterpieceness! This is the sort of book I’d read now (I love kids books anyhow) and enjoy just as much as when I was little! Great work! Best of luck in the judging with this Jonny!


masterpiece! what more can i say … i just love your artwork! :thumbsup::applause::love:

grats for finishing this one & I hope youll always find the time for these challenges here :smiley:



goood work :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Congratulations Jonny!!! A very lovely piece indeed. Very nice perspective and i’ve always been a fan of your characters. Nothing else to say, but see you at the next challenge and hope to see more inspirational pieces from you :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: :applause:

cheers and take care


My my you got some style there. Must say this piec is very “fresh” if u know what I mean :wink: … you … you dont? Oh well… GOOD LUCK :smiley:


love the story, love the coloring :buttrock:
great piece :applause: :bounce: :bounce:
good luck


Thanks for all the supportive comments… I thought i’d post some close ups so you can see the blobby brush marks and textures. Although it looks a bit tighter when it’s printed at the right size.

These are about three-quarters full size.


yay, jonny boy, that is spectacular, the speed with which you made it too !



Do i see >gasp!< Bare breasts on those puppets?!

Dirty boy jonny! No!



Hahaha… it’s all in the interpretation! And i think it says more about you! :wink:

They were supposed to be leotards, but the one on the left does look a bit bare breasted, doesn’t she?

Squibbit: I was chuffed to get it all done… but there were a few intense hours over the last week or so!

Korline, OmeN2501, Kazım Doku, Cr@sH, rawwad: Thanks!!

Arc80, Vahn: Thankyou both and i really enjoy finding time for cgtalk challenges… even when i don’t finish them… ahem grandspaceoperamasterandservat…cough… can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Zepyhri: Thanks Sam! I’d love to write and illustrate children’s books. That’s where i see myself in a few years… writing and illustrating kid’s books in an old house by the sea in Wales. And i’m really flattered by your description of my picture. As a kid, I always loved illustrations where you could go back and stare at the details… That’s why i started drawing as a nipper i think… Thanks again!

dunkelgold: Ta Benita! The description was a little rushed in the end, but i had been thinking about the story for weeks and weeks. I suppose that helped them intertwine in my head… did the words foit the picture or did the picture fit the words?


did the words fit the picture or did the picture fit the words?

i think the picture fit the words fit the picture fit the words fit the picture! :slight_smile:

closeups look great! me loves the little marionettes


I love your style really original and beautiful!
Congratulations for finish.
Good luck:thumbsup:


Hi Jonny, it’s Pat Piper.

It’s my first post in your thread, and the reason that I hadn’t done it before was only because you were already getting all the attention and I didn’t feel that my comments were needed.

Anyway, now that the contest has ended, I want to congratulate you on creating such a fine piece. The characters all look like they are sulking, but I could tell that you really had fun painting them, it really shows. I really like your story and concept from the start and I’m amazed that you could even finish it with all the tasks at hand. You could have been a juggler in that pic. Haha…Best of luck! :smiley:


reminds me of something… very surreal stuff. Didn’t follow much of your thread and had no idea this kind of pic was in making… interesting


I have been lurking on my favourites threads and now that my own deadline stress is over I have time to comment here and there.

I am very much in love with the whole idea here. The expression of all those guys is such a cool contrast to the overall scheme, specially since this theme would have been so easy to portrait normally (heck I know I was thinking of this myself…happy happy joyful carneval stuff).
The fact that you give it a totally different twist and still have it look extremely specactular makes this one of my favourites in the whole challenge.
The absolutely original style and approach on how you illustrated the whole idea (color, style, composition) is just the last drop to this awesome entry :slight_smile:

Wish you the best luck this this.