Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


fantastic work duddlebug, you’re the best


Nice work jonny - looks ace! Congrats on finishing it just in the nick of time.
Hope daisy’s ok!


Very nice. I like how you use one dominant colour.


And you call me busy?!? Okay, well, glad you got everything taken care of… the rats, the ladies, taking Daisy to the hospital…

oh, yeah, and finishing the painting!
Looks great. Very stark and bleak and industrial, and yet colorful and macabre too.

Have you played the game Psychonauts? You should (in your copious free time!) It’s a lot of fun, some really great writing, and a visual style you’d get a kick out of. Not to mention that your characters seem like refugees from the game’s final level.




Good job!!congrats for finishing and hope Daisy´s allright:thumbsup:


Fantastic work, Jonny. I think all the noodling with sketches in the early stages really paid off and you really made the final image everything it could be.

Sorry to hear about Daisy. She has your best interests at heart, though - this way you won’t be tempted to fiddle with your final all night! Hope all is well and the NHS don’t keep you hanging around too long.


Daisy’s fine… thanks for the responses to that… she spent most of her time trying to eat the docotr’s stethoscope and his eye light thingy.

I’ve just got back and it’s nearly half eleven and i’ve got half a pizza to eat because i missed my tea, so i’m gonna have to edit my post in the morning and add the story stuff… i’m bushed. I’m not sure if that’s strictly rule abiding but the judges can take it up with Daisy… haha!:slight_smile:

I’ll respond to folks in the morning too and have a good look at all the entries! I can’t wait!!

Cheers for all the support, particularly over the last week or two!


Hard to concentrate on work when your kids are banging their heads against stuff eh? Hehe… Anyway, awesome perspective, the red on top of the black looks really cool. Superb work, just as expected. :buttrock:


Well done Jonny! Great pic… as usual… :wink:

Good luck for the judging!


Man you are fast! And insanely talented! I really like this piece. Best of luck.


radical, cool, as expected, and freakin awesome! :smiley: hehe, congrats on your finnish mate, and hope was nothing serious with your daughter, congrats again on your finnish :slight_smile: best of luck on the finals, mate!


:buttrock: Strongly! I remove my hat! Very emotional and atmospheric work! You- are the inventor! end kreater! Cool!:thumbsup:


Congratulations, Johnny! A truly brilliant piece! Good luck in the judging.

I’m glad all is well with your daughter.


This is duddleicious! :bounce: Talk about last call, nice going bud!


brilliantly done johny!the red stands out spectacularly along with all the characters and its very well differed between foreground and the main characters.ultimate contrast mate!best of luck to u in the final judgement:thumbsup::thumbsup:


I love this entry, good luck with this challenge, fantastic work, Holla!:thumbsup:

Cya next challenge!:thumbsup:


I’m glad to hear you daughter Daisy is just fine, but what I’m real glad about is this spectacular entry of yours! Wow! Lovely coloring… the grey and red!
There’s a name is this bussiness for colors that stand against eachother, you know: Red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple and there’s also grey and pink (yep, better believe it), I don’t know how you call this in english, but that’s exactly what youve done, well not grey and pink, but slightly darker, so… black and red! Very well done!
Good luck on to you.

:bounce: :bounce:


Nice Nice :smiley:
Hope your little child is ok

Good luck!

(sorry about last comment, I tought the contest was already over back then)


It was a grey day.

It was always a grey day.

The dark grey mills belched out their dark grey smoke into the dark grey sky as thousands of children scampered along cobbled streets to be greeted by the dark grey foremen of the dark grey mills.

But something felt different this morning.

There was the faint burble of music and a strange red tint to the dark grey clouds.

Joseph stopped on his way to the dark grey clog factory where he spent most of his dark grey days. He could see shafts of red light spilling through the archways in the dark grey viaduct. And from the other side of the dark grey terraces he could hear music. It wasn’t beautiful, but he so rarely heard music that it seemed to him to be so very beautiful.

Other children stopped.

A thousand children stopped.

A thousand children breathing light grey mist into the dark grey air.

And then it appeared between the dark grey arches.

A burbling, trundling, tumbling circus of scarlet and ivory shrouded in a creeping, crawling, inquisitive mist.

As it edged towards him along the dark grey cobbles, Joseph had never seen anything like it. He had never seen anything so colourful. He had never seen anything so red. So very very red.

In all of his dark grey life, Joseph had never seen anything so Spectacular!



Nice description! Sounds like summat out of a kids storybook. Youd be ace as a new-age roald dahl type author!

Best o luck wi the judging and that. Lets hope there’s a result before the year is out!