Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


hehe, Mr.Duddle I send you extra-energy to finish your piece:bounce: Cool colours and…hurry up!!hehehe, good luck!


GO GO GO DUDDLE !!:bounce: that’s rock!! hope you get finished…tic tac tic tac.Best luck and congrat for your great job!:thumbsup:


It makes me wanna be there, watching that infernal circus parade! Good luck! :thumbsup:


Dammit jonny - i oughta come up to buxton/ derby and kick your arse! This is looking ace, but i somehow think that its gonna end up rushed because of the deadline! If only you focused on it this hard at an earlier stage…

Anyhoo - its looking ace-a-reeno :thumbsup:


Hey man you almost there, I am in the same boat, almost there, good luck with yours johnny, I love the style and the texture, very good stuff, holla!:thumbsup:


I thought i’d reply to folks before i start on my lunchtime grind!

Elsie: Thankyou… i’m dead chuffed that you rank it that highly!

sundance5000: Thanks! I didn’t get it all done last night, but it’s gonna be done on time. Promise.

Squibbit, zpapageo, DoInferno, evanfotis, tAsty BITs: Thanks!

sh@ke: Tha’s the plan! If it looked worse in every update i’d be tearing what’s left of my hair out!

MichaelMotion: Thanks again for the interest. I want the little guy to be cute… but oddly sinister…

Gonzalo Golpe: heh… cheers! I might need that extra energy for the submission shenanigans i’ll have later on!

Fiolka Alexandre: Don’t worry, i’m gonna finish with minutes and minutes to spare. :slight_smile:

black_hand_77: If you were there… would you look as glum as the city kids…? And would the circus look spectacular to you if all you had ever seen were dark mills and belching chimneys?

beelow: Cheers! I’ve been meaning to pop by your thread, but it’s all getting a bit hectic!

AndyH: I’m glad you like the colours’n’all. I’m pretty pleased with the piece so far, and it is a bit more saturated than some of my recent stuff. Although i know i’ll spot something i dislike first thing tomorrow! And i’m not rushing it! I’m just hitting a deadline. If i was rushing, i’d have finished it last night! I did my machineflesh colouring in a day methinks!! There’s plenty of time yet… 11 hours and 32 minutes to be fairly precise… and i only have to take four hours out for real work, and one hour to drive home, half an hour to cook dinner, twenty minutes to lay a fire for my ladies, fifteen minutes to put Daisy to bed and… um…er… that’ll leave me loads of time… hmmmm.

well… no time for typing…


To bad you didn’t get to finish it before the limit :confused:
Hope you’ll finish it anyway :slight_smile:


That is brilliant :thumbsup: Get it submitted, chop chop


some bits and bobs to do…

not gonna tell you what in case i don’t get them all done… teehee!

But i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. just gotta keep my fingers crossed that the ftp’ing goes smoothly because i’m gonna be a last minute boy!!



Don’t panic me!!

I’ve got 10 hours, eighteen minutes and 13 seconds to go!!


Baron Impossible: Cheers matey! It’ll all be done and i’ll have a big mug of hot chocolate and collapse on the sofa as soon as the ftp is done!


wow! very nice color choice! and yes ! please finish this and submit in time , good luck man!


Wow. I like it. Woud U like to look on my Spectacular 3d entry and write what U think please? Of corse after everything is done. I look forvard to it. And lot of luck.


Hi, super design I adore, good luck.
E.T :cool:


SO is this it…?

I’m gonna take it home (i’m still at the office) and have another look and make any teeny weeny tweaks… and then…

I’ll submit it…

(Fingers crossed for the ftp!)


Nice! I love all the little people/ puppets flying about!
I was expecting a little more colour on the circus folk at the back though - like on those concept sketches you did earlier. They all look a little too red at the mo.

Still looks ace though. Id say thats good enough to submit.

Well done matey! :applause:



Great stuff! I’ve loved your work ever since ‘romanes’, so I knew you’d come up with something good but this is amazing!

It is now my desktop wallpaper :slight_smile: Thanks for making it so cool! :thumbsup: I’ll keep an eye on this for sure.

Only crit is that it could use something to balance out allllll that red, but I’m sure you have something in mind…


I know deadline is close… You have only four hours and a FTP procedure to follow, but…

I agree with all the red being a bit of a problem… I believe at least that big “rabitt” thing and maybe some of the flying puppets should have a little bit of others colors to stand out from the rest of the background…

Of course it´s just an opinion, and i believe your work is pretty good by now. Well… It´s up to you!


Maybe some last minute more dramatic shadows on the red orchestra guys?
I know you want to keep the contrast from the colourless city/people, but some burned shadows may pop them out a bit. My twocents.

Other than that, I love the comp, and colour contrast in this image!


that’s awesome!

i really like your style i cannot crit this but there is nothing to crit anyways!

good work.


It was a grey day.

It was always a grey day.

The dark grey mills belched out their dark grey smoke into the dark grey sky as thousands of children scampered along cobbled streets to be greeted by the dark grey foremen of the dark grey mills.

But something felt different this morning.

There was the faint burble of music and a strange red tint to the dark grey clouds.

Joseph stopped on his way to the dark grey clog factory where he spent most of his dark grey days. He could see shafts of red light spilling through the archways in the dark grey viaduct. And from the other side of the dark grey terraces he could hear music. It wasn’t beautiful, but he so rarely heard music that it seemed to him to be so very beautiful.

Other children stopped.

A thousand children stopped.

A thousand children breathing light grey mist into the dark grey air.

And then it appeared between the dark grey arches.

A burbling, trundling, tumbling circus of scarlet and ivory shrouded in a creeping, crawling, inquisitive mist.

As it edged towards him along the dark grey cobbles, Joseph realised that he had never seen anything like it. He had never seen anything so colourful. He had never seen anything so red. So very very red.

In all of his dark grey life, Joseph had never seen anything so Spectacular!

eDiT: I couldn’t post this story last night because i was typing with one hand with Daisy on my knee before whizzing her off to hospital for the doc to check her little pink head… but here’s my original post from last night. Sorry if it’s wrong in the spectacular rule book (?), but little Daisy has to take priority… even over my doodles…

I’ve made a couple of tweaks but time is short because my 7 month old daughter Daisy has banged her head and been very sick all over her mummy!

So we’re off to the hospital…

i’ll have to add the story stuff when we get back! I thought i’d better submit in case we have to wait a long time!!

i’ll talk about the red later…it’s a stylistic thing… i like it when it’s printed! :slight_smile: