Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


now thats what i’m talking about~doing great there johny~the color blends just great man
yeah i did mine at work too~but best if u dont get caught~haha,i had to work with the job in the company and concurrently working on the challenge too.even came back on weekend telling the producers that i have some unfinished work to be done but it was for the challenge.:smiley:


hmmm… i’m sure Aly does no such thing… and i’ve got far too much to do at the moment!! :sad:

But i have just realised that i’ve got more time than i thought. The deadline’s tomorrow at midnight! Yippee!! I thought i’d have to submit tonight.

And thanks to everyone else for replies…

MichaelMotion, cLos71, MrFreeman, Vahn: Thanks for looking and the positive comments! I’m hurring!! And i will finish!

Time for real work now! I’ll get another hour in at lunchtime and post a WiP…


Ah, keep at it Jonny, I’m really looking forward to seeing in finished :slight_smile: It’s looking fantastic, I adore the characters and the angle of the buildings in the background - one of my two favourites in the challenge. All the best of luck :smiley:


Alrighty then! Go for it and finish this master piece! :bounce:


I’m not doing it at work!! I did a chunk of my Machineflesh at work, but that was during the demise of WArthog and i had very little ‘real’ work to do. I’m a bit too busy at the moment for sneaky working. Except maybe an extra 15 minutes after lunch. Although me and Aly come in to the office an hour early and leave an hour late so with lunchhour it gives us nearly 3 hours a day… if i don’t go for a stroll down the lane…

And for the first time in years i prefer my set up at home… I’m really getting into my Apple and i’ve got my attic room sorted into a (very messy) work space! ANd my Apple can handle the file… my work machine is getting very chuggy with my spectacularly cumbersome spectacular piece!

Glad you like the colours… it’s all a bit experimental with no time to change my mind!! :slight_smile:



Less talk, more paint :smiley:


I was painting!!

But not on this… Booo!!

Only an hour until lunchtime… Hooooray!!

(And you’ve upset Aly… he says he always works very hard at the office and never does stuff for chalenges duriung work hours and that you’ll hear from his solicitor forthwith… you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry… he seems to get taller and his voice gets deeper and all the bunnies run to hide)


Lunchtime progress… adding detail to the circus procession… and i worked up the bricks in the viaduct.

I wanted to get the less interesting stuff out of the way so i can detail up the front characters tonight.


go jonny!

looks excellent, nice progress, and there’s still time nicely



Very nice work Johnny. Best of luck in getting all the detailing done tonight, though it does already look quite spectacular!


Been doing some fiddling and painting so i thought i’d post a screengrab of the clowns close up…

You may also be able to spot my layer indulgence. I’ve been trying to limit my layers but all the detail is making my head hurt and i’ve gone a bit layer crazy.

And the good news is that i think it’s all gonna be done on time! Hoooray!!

If i can get the ftp sorted… sigh…


It’s coming out great johnny!


Woo! Excellent stuff!
I just LOVE that shading. So rich and contrasty. Nice blend of colours. Much brighter and colourfuller (!) than your usual style

Glad youre gonna finish it in time too.


just luve that baboon…:buttrock:
:thumbsup: hurry up mate


Lunch again man! You have got to end this picture! I love your style!


Didn’t get it finished last night… had some baby distractions and got too tired and it became a struggle. It’s no fun when it’s a struggle! And this is for fun!

But there’s plenty of time today to add the finishing details and do a bit of tweaking…


this looks really good.its getting better in every updates~:thumbsup:


I like this one alot! wowowow. 15 hours to go…


I’ve been sorting out Mr.Mandrill… but now it’s time for ‘proper’ work.

Why does everything take longer than you think?



Lovin’ the details you’re putting in!
Monkeys look cool and little fellah on bike in foreground is pretty d@mn cute! :thumbsup: Highest monkey in building: lovely detail!
Keep it up