Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


humbly subscribes :scream:


I hope u’ll make it this time, good luck! I have faith in u :bounce:


Look like a good start. A simple image (doodle) you did can later become something really spectacular :slight_smile:



Nice to see thee on board mr duddle - a concept idea already?! Aint yo got work to do?

Lookin ace so far - love the idea.


brilliant :applause:

how’s the sleep dad ?


Yes he has got work to do…! Ahem…, and so have I… skulks off


Pah!! I know i said i wouldn’t kick up CGtalk until 11am… but… but… i… just… can’t… help… it…


hey hey! looking good. Hope all goes well for ya, good luck with the challenge!


:slight_smile: Good Luck Jonny

I’ll be watching this space as always…don’t mean to put the pressure on but you always come up with something…spectacular!!



sweet. seems you already are ready to lift off! keep it up mate! :scream:


Great start there duds! Welcome to another challenge. I’m sure you’ll finish this one in time for the judging. Looking forward to seeing more of your magic, bro.

Cheers and good luck!


I’m gonna post another sketch soon… it’s another quickie but it’s more indicative of what the final image could look like. I’ve just gotta do some tweaks in photoshop.

But first…

Squibbit, ace4016, Poshtart, sh@ke, the1stangel, -tolga-, velinov, coCoKNight, monsitj: Thanks for saying ‘hello’ before i’d even drawn anything. I love the community in these challenges, and it’s great to see new people joining each time!

Elsie: i hope you can see it now…?

sh@ke, authentic, anim_ziggy, NinjaASSN, Yongkiat, enialadam, MrFreeman, artjunkie: Cheers! And i promise to finish this one. (I don’t think my girlfriend could pop another little tinker out in the next three months!) I’m gonna try and settle on a final image early on and spend my time getting it just right. (Instead of spending two thirds of my time thinking up a story and getting distracted by a new baby or a new job just before the end of the challenge!)

Xillion: Yup… i think it was a glitch with post editing. All seems to work fine now. Good luck with your entry!

Andy_H: And you can’t be working too hard with all this browsing… :stuck_out_tongue:

FlyingP: Cheers Brian! The sleeps not so bad… must’ve managed five hours or so last night, and i feel positively perky! And the sleepless nights are worth it for just one of Daisy’s smiles… (see, i’m even going all soft and sentimental)

I’ll post my next sketch soon… and then i’ll relax and do some browsing…



So here’s another rough sketch…

I’ve got this vision of a really colourful circus arriving in a drab northern mill town. If you’re from the UK, then you’ll know exactly the sort of drabness i mean…

I want a ‘spectacular’ contrast between the townsfolk and the circus.

And at the front of the circus will be the little boy on the tricycle…

And everyone will be looking at him…



Lol - love your first sketch - the kid looks like he’s somehow tired of life already :smiley:

Good luck in the challenge - looking forward to seeing the expansion of the sketch!


Good luck man! Cool idea:scream:…looking forward to this one. So many people already working hard on this challenge! I need to start!


take a look
whine some more
(glad to see you there Duddle :D)


Yo Jonny!

Hows ya Little Daisy? Hope you guys are one ‘FAT’ happy trio! Just checked out your site recently, loved the one where Vern and Fluff are about to have dinner…

And RESPECT for not sketching on a wacom ON PURPOSE! :slight_smile: Neither can I! :smiley:
It’s just not paper…

By the way wicked perspective!


I like your idea a lot… Especially with that contrast…similar to mine lol…Lovely sketch!


damn, ur sketches r so awesome, full of emotions even if there r just some lines put together. I really admire u! And this idea of contrasts seems very promising as well, I’d just play a bit more with the angle of camera. Otherwise, this is great! Keep posting, more sketches, let us drool :drool:


Here’s another version of the last sketch, but with some tone added.

The circus will be much more ‘spectacular’ but the funny ‘schindler’s list’ look seemed to work and i only wanted to spend fifteen minutes or so playing around with it. I’ll start a fresh sketch next. And decide if i really want to head down this route. I might knock ot a few different ideas before i settle. But i do think that this theme really suits the circus idea. It’s probably a cliche. But we all love a cliche…

That’s probably it for today…