Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


hope u can finish that crazy good stuff on time ! really dope:applause: cheers


I hear that, johnny, yeah I having a hard time with my entry, with the lighting well actually just color in general, man I suck when it comes to color!


Quite an update seens the last time i dropped by. WOW, this is looking great. You definately feel the sense of that factory driven environment. All those greys really adds a lot of mood to it and contrasting it with the bright red looks nice. No critzs, just cheering you to finish this piece.

check back again
cheers dude :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I’ve added more detail to the little city folk to the left of the image, and a little to the terraces (added a clog shop!)

More significantly, i’ve added a blue overlay between the red layers and the grey background.

I’m hoping to finish the city folk and terraces on the right hand side tonight… Viaduct and background tomorrow… and i’ve left sunday free for painting the circus folk.

Which leaves Monday to spot something terribly wrong with the whole thing, plummet into a major lifelong depression because i’ve made a pig’s ear of the whole thing and wearily submit to judging.

Hopefully i can get that all done on time!


Hurry up Jonny :arteest: ! i rely like your concept. cool style of characters, and that red light spots is add dramatic moment in whole composition ! wish you luck !


Finish dude, sulk later, throw down:arteest: , holla!


Looking good,I like the concept.
look forward to seeing the final.


I finished off the city folk and terraces last night. Gonna do the viaduct, mills, chimneys, clouds and smoke today.

The circus folk will come tomorrow.

And… um… 2 days, 15 hours, 13 minutes and 13 seconds?? AaaArgh!!


Nearly finished the background… tried to keep my distance and keep it quite ‘chalky’ and stylised. It’s beens so tempting to zoom right in and render the life out of the details, but i want this piece to keep some semblance of real media and a rougher edge.

I did a test print on glossy paper which came out well so i decided to get cracking on the circus folk!


Started on the clowns…

The clowns are gonna be more colourful than the monotone city folk, but i’m going to try and keep the colours fairly subdued and take account of the red smoke and light.

Lots to do yet… but at least it feels achievable!


go jonny i like your image alot. kind of was wondering when you where goint to update.


Thought i’d respond to you kind folk who’ve commented whilst i’m supping my cup of tea. The comments and interest i’ve received have certainly been a big motivation to get this finished.

Jaba153: So glad you like the progress so far… and i’m gonna make sure i finish it. No sweat.

Beelow: Colour gets so confusing… even when you’ve gone greyscale…hahaha. Cheers for the comments over the last few months. And i’ll sulk as soon as the final image is submitted. :slight_smile:

Arc80: Thanks… it’s great you’re getting the right feel from the image. Hopefully the mood and story of the piece will be evident in the final image.

Aedilhum: Thankyou!

HamsterFly: I’m hurrying!! It’ll get done!! It will! Honest!!

Slav: Thanks!! A few more updates over the weekend i hope… and the final image Monday evening…?


Started properly on the circus folk!

I’m hoping to get all the circus finished today, so that tomorrow can be a ‘tweaking’ day. Unfortunately, i need to go off and order some carpets this afternoon and treat my ladies to a pub lunch, so won’t be able to make progress until this evening… bah!

I’ll post another WiP this evening…


I realy hope you’ll end this one in time… ehhh, :banghead: . . now I don’t!
Great image! :thumbsup: :applause:

Good luck to ya!


Cool duddle, nothing like a deadline to get one moving. :bounce: Color progress looks good, keep at it bud!


:thumbsup: love the perspective, and characters and good to see you back…

keep colouring…still a day to go :applause: :bounce:


Excellent stuff!
I love the mixture of greys, off-whites and orangey reds. Reminds me of russian art or those old propaganda posters for some reason.

I really, REALLY hope you can finish this in time


very good work db :thumbsup: I hope you got time today :smiley:



i didn’t get it finished over the weekend… So i won’t have the 24 hours to leave it alone and review it. But i’ll still get it done. And i’ve had quite a bit of fun playing with the colour… even if there’s not a lot but red!!


Woo! Babooooooon!

Go jonny! Are you at work today? If so, see if the boss can let you work on this all day :smiley:
I think it worked for aly during the M&S comp unless im mistaken?