Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


This is really great, Johnny. I love the new composition. This is exactly how everyone at my office looks.


Zpapageo: haha…that’s funny

Starts singing: “Go Jonny, Go!..”

This is looking like it’s going to be a great spectacular entry… Love the composition and the wonderful perspective. I think now your issue is going to be time… so get to it. I want to see this thing in by the deadline. :applause:


Cool :bounce: I hope you’re migthy quick bro…
Best of luck!


It seems really impressive detailing even it started yet.
Your characters are deeply charismatic and mystical.As all they knew something without our consciousness.
To seeing different styles like yours is emotional.
I would like to see the final situation this concept so much…
Hurry bro…!!!


Woo! I LOVE that perspective and the shape created by that huge bridge. Really nice touch with the strangely coloured sky too. Makes you realise how big the urban sprawl is, what with so little sky showing through.

Keep it up - no fidgeting, no looking back - just get it done in time!


Wow, that’s got some great texture to it, Jonny! How are you doing that? Chalk brushes…? In PS or Painter? (If you have time in your mad dash to answer such questions…? :slight_smile: )



A small update.

We were invaded by my parents-in-law last night, so i didn’t get chance to work on my spectacular. BaH!!

I’ve just managed to squeeze an hour in before starting ‘proper’ work. I’ll hopefully make a bit of progress at lunchtime too.

Wot? Only 5 days to go!? AaaRgh!!


didn’t like the little fella’s eyes when i posted.

He’s looking t’other way now.

There’s a circus coming, don’t you know?



And thanks for the comments…

zpapageo: haha… i’m sure everyone at every office looks a little bit like this. Even if it’s just on the inside!

mybutterflyiris: Thanks! I hope i hit the deadline too. Better get down in my cellar and look for that jar of elbow grease.

cLos71: I hope i’m quick too… The problem is just getting onto the computer…

anilduran: Thanks!! I’m gonna hurry don’t you worry, but there’s no time for rhymes with this deadline… :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy H: Thankyou Mr.H. Um… the red light was gonna be from the circus… but i like the idea of it being light from the city. We’ll see what happens…

walrus: Hi Mike. It’s the chalk 17 pixels from PS (and i increase and decrease the size). With texture turned on. I hadn’t really tried the textures, so i thought it’d be a good time to try them out. Been changing them about a bit… not sure which one i started with now. Doh! I really need to get a good palette of brushes set up in PS. And Painter still confuses me when i try and actually produce a piece of work. It’s great fun to fiddle with though.


Your style and the atmospere of the city make a great impression on me! I hear music and I feel cold in my chest. Keep it up! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


Looking great! Hope you can finish because I want to see this one done (and you do too).


Just been tidying up the viaduct and bits of the environment over my lunch hour…

eDiT: The glows on the buildings and under the viaduct will return!! And so will some of the texture!! And those cobbles need some work!!


talk about not getting to enjoy your lunch enough over this :scream: but it’s worthit. modeling in 3d’s really maxed up the potential of your image man. very inspiring. have you seen corpse bride? your piece has the same mood projection, and it’s just great. keep it up :thumbsup:


Nice strong composition, it has this overpowering feel to it. Lighting will make it or break it, the character I love as well keep at it!:thumbsup:


Very remiss of me not to call in here more often, especially considering the progress you’ve made since I last looked. (you make me feel guilty for not giving my own another try!). I love the new overall feel to this piece, the muckier look to the city gives the people much more character and makes the circus look even more out of place. Classic duddle, thankfully! cheerleads to help you along with it


Hehe… Keep lunching man. It seens you´ve got a lot of job to do, and it´s getting wonderfull!


wow, the power it has since my last visit is amazing. love the angle and the composition, keep up the great work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


whoa~nice one mate~i got this shindler list feeling in it!i love the way u design ur character,comically done:scream:


Another hour… and more tinkering…

Thinking about lights and colours and adding detail to the viaduct.

The poor little fella in the bottom left is my guinea pig for changes which is why he has some smatterings of light across his bonce.

More to come after my lunch hour. :slight_smile:


Atris: Cold in your chest, eh? Imagine how those little kids feel!! Cheers for the comment… that’s just the feel i want from this picture.

PixelPlay: I’m going to try so so so hard to get this finished. I’ve definitely got all of Sunday free to keep colouring in!

ahbeejieh: Haha… lunchtimes have been my main window for doing personal work since my daughter Daisy was born. Evenings have a habit of going to pot… i was struggling with how i wanted the perspective and i think a very basic 3D model allows me to play around with camera angles and layouts in minutes, rather than doing a fresh perspective drawing each time. I’m a big fan of the flexibility computers can give artist for experimentation.

beelow: Cheers! Aaaah… lighting… sigh… the dreaded lighting… hmmmm… lighting stresses me out!

Zepyhri: Thanks Sam! Sorry to hear you aren’t gonna have time to finish. I’m still crossing my fingers and toes for this piece! Glad you like it so far and thanks for the cheerleading! :slight_smile:

DoInferno: I do have a job to do… and lunchtime’s the time to do it. And a great big chunk of Sunday methinks!

the1st_angel: Cheers SAcha!

sh@ke: ta! And yup… i 'spose there is a bit of Shindler’s list about the palette. I think there’ll be more colour in the circus as a colour it up, but the red light will be a big feature.