Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


Cheers Blaz

When i left the office, i was pretty much sold on the Landscape format… but looking at them now (after a halloumi wrap and a big glass of red wine) i’m thinking that you’re probably right.

I’m gonna leave it until the morning and make a firm decision, so that i can get some colouring in done!

evanfotis: Thanks for the input. This camera has a pretty wide angle and was starting to make distortions i just wouldn’t normally make in 2D. I’ll need to play with the camera though, to get everything in shot in portrait format.

More coming tomorrow… i feel like i’m miles behind!!


I hope to see u finish johnny, goodluck dude!


hie johny~great to see that u have sort out the angle as well as the format,preferably,i’d go for the landscape format as it looks more grandeur too!:thumbsup:full speed ahead john,i’m anxiously to go along with this thread till the final output:scream:


Still fiddling…

I think i’m back on the portrait view now. I’ve set myself a deadline to get the Line Art submitted by the end of the day… so it could well be a portrait composition.

Any crits or preferences welcome…


Niiice! That perspective and framing kicks many an arse! Keep at it!


Jonny, looking at your latest composition touches me and just makes me want to say

Will you stop noodling with your camera and get painting already!?!!

(said with all affection, and in a Kermit the Frog voice, just so you know :smiley: )

All of the compositions have been working well. It really jusy depends whether you want to spend the next 11 days painting more buildings or more clowns. Just go with it and move forwards!
This one works really well to highlight the clowns and still feature the neat architecture. Only thing I’d comment on is thattop of the tall building in the upper right (“Pies?”) is not in the same perspective as the bridge.

Good luck!




Sorry Mike… Line Art today and I’ll start colouring in tomorrow… promise…

ediT: And cheers to Andy, Beelow and sh@ke for the input!


Comin’ at ya…?


Much prefer this composition. Think you should go with this one. Looking forward to some serious colouring action.


Hi Jonny!
Cool to see you continuing this challenge, unless you didn’t update your entry for a long time! :scream: Your (one of) the best! :thumbsup:

The new idea/concept looks very interesting and well thought! That contrast in the look but also in the ‘deeper idea’ will be very nice! :slight_smile:

Also cool to see you focusing on landscape or potrait. As the final should look a bit spectacular :wink: I’d prefer the portaitversion, as the ‘tallness’ will be very intimidating. Also the industrial stuff on the background will look better, as that bridge will look taller (I think).

But your still the master; I’m the n00b…! :twisted: It was just what I did think about it. :slight_smile:

All the best wishes :wink: & Good luck on continuing :bounce: ,


So here’s my Line Art! only 3 more milestones to go! Yippee!!

I’ve dropped the camera angle a bit and moved folk a little, but it’s very similar to the last concept.

This still looks very rough and my high-res version is only marginally bigger than the image i’ve submitted here, but it’s as finished as my line art is going to get.

I’m going to get on with painting the environment next in fairly subdued tones.


Hi Jonny,
It took some time to see the final concept from you, but I guess it was worth waiting for.
Nice to see this blend of the two concepts. The industrial environment will contrast well to the circus. I guess we can expect alot of colors now?
Good luck with the remaining milestones!


Here’s the first dabs of colour. I’ve actually tweaked the line art a bit on the clown and the tricycle kid, but i’m gonna do any required line work as i go along so i’ll leave my line art submission as it was.

I’m planning on keeping the picture quite monotone, apart from the circus folk. I’m hoping this’ll add to the contrast between the drab and the spectacular. And help with the feel and the style of the piece. It may be less spectacular than some entries, but i anything with lights, bells and whistles is spectacular to the kids in this city.

I think the kids in the foreground look a little old and smogged out at the moment, but i’m gonna get all the city elements blocked in and then start adding more defined detail.#

I’m still struggling a bit with the monkey on the tricycle in the foreground (to our left, by the kid in the hat) but i think i’ll wing it with the colouring in!!

It’s gonna be a struggle. My carpal tunnel is playing up (ouch!), my parents in law are coming to stay for three days as a nice surprise (with a day’s notice!?) and i’m busy with ‘real’ work. But i’ll submit something next week. Promise.


hey this new one looks great, now hurry upand finish it!



And just to reply to some peeps…

kboss: Cheers! Glad you like the composition. I’ve actually come very close on a couple of occasions to starting a whole new piece with a lot less going on. I’ll have to do that piece next. Some serious colouring action to come… but in a spectacularly desaturated styleee.

Dutchman: Thankyou very much Gijs! I’m gonna need a little bit of luck getting this finished. I just need everything to go to plan from now until Tuesday.

Norberg: It did take some time, didn’t it? Sorry. I’ve been so busy with stuff and things and December always seemd so far away. I think i’ve neglected my involvement with the forum too… especially in the last month. Gonna try and have a good peruse today. You might be disappointed if you’re after lots of colours… :slight_smile:

eDiT: beacuse Squibbit jumped in while i was typing… cheers Squibbit! I’ll try my best! (if i don’t change my mind again) And i love your Christmas hat!!


It reminds me of tim burton. Exelent ! Nice scene ! Can´t wait to see it done !


wow ,hello ,great compo,and style!! I love your characters.Looks really fun espacially the boy riding the bike,haha thats a really interest work,really wanna see more !!! keep it dude!!


Very pleased to see the development on the crazy background perspective - as well as your decision to keep the ‘grimness’ evident in the muted tones of the spectators. I hope you finish this on time… as the body of work as a whole is easily in my top 5.


Good work… I shall be glad to observe of progress.:thumbsup:


I’m gonna post loads of WiP’s… :slight_smile:

I made a few adjustments, most importantly i shifted the terrace end further out to the top right. It was bugging me and was far too close to the clown’s tuba.


Thought i’d add a close up of the boy in the foreground.

i added a bit of detail to get my brain cogs turning on the way i’ll render the city elements.

Gonna work up the city first…