Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


Okay… so it’s been a while coming… and it looks like i’m further behind than i was before… but hey… i’ve had a lot of stuff on…

I’ve done the odd doodle since i last posted but could never get the ‘feel’ i wanted for the image. This is the closest i’ve got and i think i can develop the mood and feel of the piece if i work into this.

The whole idea behind my spectacular entry is to contrast the rather eerie and macabre circus against an overwhelming industrialised drabness.

So that the spectacular is in the contrast… the spectacular is in the first vision that these pale coughing kids have of the trundling circus.

I figured that by placing the circus centrally in the image it focuses the viewer on their arrival. I’ve tried to lower the viewpoint to accentuate this and i’m planning on having a lot of the crowd looking to camera, as though they are looking at you… as you are in the road… in the path of the oncoming ‘Cirque de Spectaculaire’. I think i’m going to turn the spooky kid on the tricycle to face the viewer too. The narrow strips of buildings either side are going to be dark and i’ll try and use them to narrow and heighten the space occupied by the circus, and to hint at the claustrophobia felt by the inhabitants of the town. In the area behind the circus i want to make suggestions of the chimneys and mills and smoke and rooftops…

This should be close in composition to my ‘Line Art’ and that’s what’ll be coming next… please get any crits or suggestions in quick!!


Yeah! I was just sitting here a minute ago thinking “Hm, I wonder whether Mr. Duddle shall be updating us with more Clownage anytime soon…”. Guess my telekenetic powers are working overtime today!

Great stuff, very busy looking scene - cannot wait to see this in colour!

I dunno why but that “Pies” sighpost in the top corner made me crack up :smiley:


I just want to reply to some of the posts which have kept my thread alive while i’ve been ‘slacking’ (although it’s because i’ve been a very busy boy!)

2xbo: Cheers! Sorry it’s been a while… i’m gonna finish this challenge thoguh so there’ll be lots of updates over the next few weeks.

authentic: Thanks Vincent… yup, i like the ‘words’ version too. It won’t be part of my final image because i don’t think that’d suit the brief, but i may well consider a sequrential set of images along this theme that’ll incorporate text.

AndyH: More clowns on the way!! More colour and spectacularlynussness!! (and i need to pop by and say hello to your crazy grannies!)

MrFreeman: Glad you liked the clown image… the final composition is a bit ‘busier’!! But it will ahve a background… although not particularly ‘wacky’. More ‘Mundane’. ‘Dull’. ‘Drab’. And btw… we get free spring water in Buxton!! There’s a fancy tiled spring in the town centre which has a constant flow of the proper spring water and people come from miles around to fill car loads of bottles. 1000 years old and from deep in the limestone that buxton is perched on!

Madlight_1988: Thanks! I’m gonna try and stick with the general style, but i think it’ll be wholly painted, without the linework.

OrO: I have done, but there’ll be my Line Art and more interested stuff with colour (ooOOoH!) coming by the end of the week.

beelow: Sorry for being so quiet, but ‘real’ wotk takes priority and i’ve had no time to work on this… or even browse the forum properly… i’m determined to get this one finished!!

Dutchman: Thanks Gijs! I’m chuffed you like it that much! Keep looking in…

Sergey Banityuk: As i said to madlight, i’m going for a more ‘painterly’ approach with the finished image, although the the charcaters will have a very similar look and feel to the clown image. I’m glad you like it so far.

the1st_angel: haha… i did mean ‘girlfriend’ in the singular. I don’t think i could handle more than one… although i can’t say i haven’t thought about it now and again… :wink:

NinjaASSN: 11 mice!! I don’t want that many… my girlfriend is still driving round the country with our baby because she doesn’t want to sleep in a house with mice!! I was very reluctant to kill the mice, but i need my ladies back!!

mybutterflyiris: Damn those pesky mice!! I’ve caught four so far… but i think there’s another couple hiding in the floor!! I couldn’t cope with rats!? I think a cat’s a great idea, but i was always so sad when our cats killed birds and bunny rabbits when i was a kid… I think cats just get to a stage in life where an inherent laziness overtakes the instinct to kill kill kill. And they just sit around the house either being incredibly affectionate or incredibly grumpy… or to a combination of both at random intervals.

Elsie: Thanks! Maybe your telekenetic powers are what jolted me into action. Not bad coming all the way from Glasgow!! Could it be something to do with the ‘possibly evil’…?

More to come… this week… and i’m gonna find some time to browse a bit and see what other peeps are doing…



Hey, Jonny - Looking good! I like the new composition. Like the idea to have the tricyclist facing us, too. Ovarall - and it’s hard to tell, it’s just rough lines - but the layout feels a little claustrophobic… You could consider giving it a little more room to breathe on all sides and that wouldn’t even hurt your proportions… or not. Jam-packed might very well be what you’re shooting for.

Either way, good luck with all the work you have to do, both here and elsewhere, and good luck getting your entry - and your family - together! :slight_smile: (Go get them meeses!)


thats a really good composition jonny. hurry bro…


I like the claustraphobic feel of the image…it adds to the feel of the drab surroundings. Then with the circus central to it all, it adds to the claustraphobia in a different way in that it changes it and lightens it - a kind of bright closeness instead of drab closeness. I guess that change enhances the contrast in an odd way. :thumbsup:


wow,looks great in the new compo~lets beat in some colors mate~keenly anticipating for that~:scream:


whatever happened to jonny ???


Good question.

Jonny - Your chum Aly is doing pretty damn well catching up and possibly making the deadline - I hope you can too!


(and MysteriousX!)

I hope i can make it… i really do… I’ll be back on it tonight to scrub up that rough into some line art. Hopefully i can post that tomorrow…?

I’ve had a tough week with a bereavement in the family, tons of work and an annoying case of very painful carpal tunnel syndrome in my thumb and wrist. Bah humbug!!

But i have caught five mice! So my ladiezzz have moved back home!

But i’m coming back… promise…


I’ve been fiddling and fiddling over the last few days and couldn’t get the straight on view how i wanted it… i couldn’t get the overall ‘freel’ that i was after…

And more importantly, i couldn’t show the industrial environment properly. The environment is an important part of my image because i want the circus to contrast against it. Even thought the circus is sinister and macabre, i want the colours to come out at you against the drab, smoggy city.

So i doodled this… inspired by the stockport viaduct. Which Poshspice informs me is the wrold’s largest brick built structure. He’s a goldmine of facts, don’t you know…


Nope… i’m not switching to the 3D contest… just using maya to help me hit the deadline!!

I was struggling with the environment, so i tried to visualise my ideas in 3D. And i’m gonna use the (very quick and rough) model as a template for my line art.

There’s still some fiddling in 2D and some cropping to do, but this is the general idea.

‘Line Art’ should be posted in the next 24 hours…


Go, Jonny go go go!

Looking sweet - good sense of scale


Nice layout (as were the last several, too.)
Lot more emphasis on the setting this time 'round… But you’ve all but lost the guy on the tricycle! :sad: Maybe some more space around him and less behind him (so he has a distinct silhouette) will help him stand out more.
Good luck!



Cheers Mike… an, yup, i agree with you… the tricyclist needs to be more visisble. I wanted to show more of the environment because that’s central to my theme. I’ve had another play with this composition. I’ll post it in the next few minutes. And then i might try fiddling it into a ‘portrait’ composition as one last alternative. I have to get onto the colour tomorrow or i’ll never finish on time!!


Another fiddle with the composition to try and bring out the circus and, more importantly, the little fella at the front.

i’m gonna carry on tweaking (i’ll try that portrait composition too) and then settle on a layout in the morning for my Line Art.


I’m liking this layout Jonny! It gives you a bit more space to play with characters… :slight_smile: Looks a bit like Stockport… Edit: Heheh! Just saw your previous post… that’s Europe, not t’world! I’m sure the States has got bigger stuff in it! :wink:


An attempt at a portriat version along the same lines. I think i’m gonna go with the landscape version. it gives me more space on the ground.

So unless i change my mind overnight, i’ll be posting my landscape ‘Line Art’ tomorrow…


and u r still alive! nice to see that :smiley: h… about the canvas format. I think the portrait version works better. There is something big, something that is going up to the sky and beyond that limit… and its coming to us… its the circus. Its huge and spectacular. I personally dont think that u can achieve that feeling by adding elements one by one in a row. Or maybe Im wrong? Just catch the deadline ok? :slight_smile:


I will second the portrait crop.
It gives puts emphasis on the characters, and has a more dramatic look.

Also, while in 3d, why dont you try a wider angled lens on the camera, which will produce some neat perspectices?