Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


This is image is very powerfull!! I love it!!:thumbsup:



This one made me laugh!
Great work, as allways, duddlebug.
(Oh, and it’s not a tuba, it’s a souzaphone)

[*] luv


Any updates on the way mate?

Dont give up!


ooOooOps… i’ve been a bit quiet haven’t i…? Sorry.

I’ve been a bit busy with ‘other stuff’ and my ‘Spectacular’ has had to sit on the back burner for a week or two. I’m hoping to get firmly back on with it next week though.

OrO: i can’t wait to see either!!

Falcor_: I think i’d have to agree with you. As an illustration i prefer the black and white version. It’s something i’ll have to work at on the finished piece. Although my plan for the finished piece is more of a ‘painted’ look, so there’s gonna be some big differences in rendering. And i’ve got to remember to answer the brief. But i am looking for a more melancholy spectacular than some folk…

Gonzalo Golpe: haha… you post made me smile when i read it the other day… and it’s made me smile again today. I’ve just started reading books to my 5 month old daughter and imagining sounds and smells, and engaging with a picture is a wonderful thing. I’m actually working on a couple of book proposals and tried reading her the very rough black and white dummy book. All she wanted to do was eat it. :slight_smile:

bwong: haha. Yeh!! Give me a prize!! Erm… This illustration is done but the contest has only just started and there’ll be more illustrations to come!!

EricClaeys: Cheers… i just need to get that right as i head into the final piece…

rongen: I’ll get more posted next week. And hopefully make your ‘subscription’ worthwhile… Thanks!

Arc80: I’m hoping to see a full image too!! It’s a bit of a daunting prospect to me at the moment… There’s so much going on in my rough… :argh:

Fiolka Alexandre: Thanks!

jeromoo: coming soon… honest…

Elsie: “Imagine this guy popping up at the foot of your bed demanding a hug” Errrm!? Now that would be scary…

grobouk, Nox, Mason Roberts: Thanks!!

lula_assassina: A souzaphone, eh? Thanks for the tip! OI thought it was a funny shape when i found the reference online!

Andy H: Yeh!! Updates are on the way!! Soon!! (ish) :wip:


Hi duddlebug. LOL… i like your paints to much. Plese keep postng.
I’ll keep one eye to see the progress from your work.

xbo :scream:


I don’t if you’ll keep it but I like the work with font and the poetry of the words.



Where is them pick-chaz?

I want more clownage


:thumbsup: spectacular work as always Mr. Duddle…

love the characters and style…type looks great as well…what about some wacky background to add to this???

Look forward to the next installment

There’s obviously something in that spring water up there…mmmm…must try some…well back to the dark room :applause: :applause:


man,really funny concept! i loved it! the style is cool too!


post post post!:scream:


You have been silent for a while now, I hope to see some updates soon. Good luck dude!:thumbsup:


You keep amazing me, Jonny! You make your updates and progress in this challenge to such a very exiting happening! Just awesome! :scream:

Your style is un-beatable! :twisted:

I hope to see some updates of you soon!
Have tons of fun & Find lots of luck! :beer:


Very interesting style. It is really art approach. To me very much to like.



Cmon, jonny!


ummmmm… what can i say…?

I’ve been a bad boy…?

I’ve been very very busy but i’m gonna get stuck in again at the end of this week!! And that’s a promise!! There’s a month to go! (Gotta pull my finger out)

On a slightly different topic… Anyone seen the film ‘Mousehunt’? I’m gonna watch it later because my house has become the front line in the war on Mus Domesticus. Jane’s even taken baby Daisy off to Granny and Grandad’s while i bravely fight the Buxton rodent population. The clever little feckers even managed to escape from a ‘humane’ mouse trap i bought. Ate the peanut butter, left a load of droppings in the trap and disappeared in the morning… i’m off to the hardware store this morning to get loads of the good old fashioned wood and metal traps… i’ve tried mr.nice guy, but they’ve picked a fight with the wrong vegetarian!!

Anyone got any good advice for mouse combat?


:rolleyes: ANY ONE ALIVE? lol, u and Aly have a nice time? UUUUPDAAATE! :scream:


haha… i think we just crossed posts in the ether…

I am alive… although with the limited sleep i’ve had over the last few nights of mice and screaming girlfriends, i don’t feel particularly alive… :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen Aly for a few days because he’s been having fun in Whitby. I think we’ve both been a bit quiet over here though, haven’t we?

I think Aly’s gonna be posting agsin soon too…


I am alive… although with the limited sleep i’ve had over the last few nights of mice and screaming girlfriends, i don’t feel particularly alive… :slight_smile:

lol, good to know. erm nasty mice, and bad gf(s??? woah). better get some bacon and some thing sparkling to chill your gf too. not to get confused with the 2, you dont wanna find your gf in a mousetrap ot the screaming strs over again :wink: jk. looking forward to your next update.


mice problem huh? hehe… I’ve been there… I had 11 mice in my room last year, 3 adults and other little ones (those 3 adults were quite busy). I caught all of them with those cages, but sometimes they even managed to escape… but sooner or later I got them all. On the other hand, those metal ones that kill them r success for sure. Sad but true… good luck! :smiley:
And come back with ur great art soon.


I can understand the mice thing…actually in my case rats too…but they aren’t in the house, they are in the barn, so it’s a bit different. We have a cat to help deal with the problem, and it worked for many years. However, recently the cat decided to retire…don’t know why, but now he only stalks the bird feeders.