Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


A quick colour test…

I’m thinking about how i’m going to do colours so played around with layer blending in PS.

Just an experiment to keep me thinking.

I’m not going to have any linework in my final piece so this isn’t necessarily representative but it does start to look at the relationship between the drab townsfolk and the ‘colourful’ circus.

I’m gonna get onto some final composition sketches next.

Darksuit: Cheers!

Elsie: SO how do you think about clowns now you’re converted? Do you want to cuddle them? They’re very cuddly… It was a concious decision to go with skinny fingers on a fat clown. I wnated to see how it looked and to add to the strangeness. And Posh ate all the muffins… as usual… sorry.


Woo! Thass ace, innit!?
These little studies are fantastic, but when are you gonna start on the finished thing? I think youre ready to go for it as your character studies are looking great. 60-odd days left is a lot of time, but its better to finish early than not finish it at all like you did with your M&S entry!

PS - give Aly a nudge to see if hes still among the living - he hasnt updated for ages!

EDIT - i just read that you are starting the finished composition next - doh!


Hey!! I had a good excuse last time! Daisy was born three weeks before the deadline! And two weeks early! That shouldn’t happen again unless Jane’s not telling me something… :eek:

But you do have a point…


wow…these studies are great! i just love the idea of these sad clowns…and the huge clown on the small bike…great job so far! waithing for the real thing :bounce:


HA! Love the tufts of green hair! Like even his wig is going bald. More!


Wow jonny! These are great! You seriously need to get yourself into the children’s book market, this sort of stuff on the cover would sell loads of stuff! It reminds me a little of the illustrations they had in the King Rollo books, if you ever read those as a kid, but a bit darker humour. Perfect for todays kids market. You could be the next quentin Blake!

Loving all these characters though, can’t wait to see them put into the big picture.


i like your style so much…good luck :bounce: :bounce:


Thanks Sam! That’s the dream!! My big goal in life is to live by the seaside in Wales or Cornwall and write and illustrate children’s books. Plus a bit of illustration. And comics. And a bit of concepting for games and film. That’d be great. sigh (I’m working on a couple of book proposals at the moment… fingers crossed!!)

OrO: Thanks! Anbd there’s more to come than just clowns! Contortionists! Stilt Walkers! Strongmen! Acrobats!! Horray!! Yippeee!! (Um… when i find some time)

kboss: I couldn’t resist some straggly hair. he’s gonna get some more work for the finished piece but he will keep his green straggly hair…

korayarts: Thanks!!


uuuuuhhhh…can’t wait to see :drool:


Just popping by!

Good luck :thumbsup:

I really liked that black & white version where the notes where handdrawn. It looked so depressing! Even that dog looked sad. Overall the pic worked better without the colors.
well atleast more depressing.

Spectacular sadness? Huh ummm…


hehe, love the boy with the scarf and the cocky one behind him:D Love the empty space on the right, at the end of the trombone. If you bring nearer your ear to the monitor, you can hear it lowly,hehe. Sure you´ll do a wonderful job:thumbsup:



give the man a prize!!

haha i like your image and your concept… cool stuff… your drawing style is wonderful…

looks like you’re already done…and that you could do a couple of entries… haha I like those clowns… they’re kind of creepy in a way too… yet they’re interesting to look at…

great work.



I love the sickly nature of the characters - brings about the melancholy mood nicely.


… subscribe… subscribe… keeping an eye :slight_smile:

I love your style Doodle. Can’t wait to see the final image.


I was hoping to see the full image again, but i’ll wait, hehe. I like the colour treatment so far. It feels like you are using pastel and it goes well with your style. Their expressions are well done bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Very nice characterizations and adding hints of personality to each and everyone of your characters. Can’t wait for more updates man :bounce:



Hello duddle!! you’ve THE style…i like your stuff man!! keep an eye on your work! see yaaa:)


Hello jonny! It seems to me you ‘haven’t really started’ on your actual piece! :slight_smile: Anyhow, I love your character designs! They make neat page illustrations!


Hehe, how do I think about clowns now? I agree, they’re very cuddly. Imagine this guy popping up at the foot of your bed demanding a hug. Infact, I think I may employ a fleet of them, and unleash them upon my enemies at 3 a.m…

Know of any looking for employment?


happy you like my sketch.
I always love your work
See you soon


Wicked Cool duddle U rock man.