Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


Oooh! He’s a cheerful fellow. It looks like the notes are falling like rain upon the merry crew observing his antics. Lovely work Jonny. Your art is a window into a timeless world; a world of ‘time-for-tea’, ‘would-you-like-another-muffin’, ‘eh-oop-chuck’ and ‘would-you-like-gravy-all-over-that-love?’ I smile, with a melancholy tear resting at the corner of my eye…


it is soooo nice.


Okay… teehee… especially for Andy…

Here’s the same sketch with the face from yesterday and some text.

Just having fun.



But you always have melancholy tear resting at the corner of your eye… don’t you?

What you need, my good man, is another muffin!


YEeeeeeaaa! Thats muchos betross :thumbsup:

Its much easier to read his face now.


I’m lovin the dog, not even botherin to look up!


Your style is so fantastic, love it! Want to see more!:slight_smile:


stefan, Tyrus_88: Thanks!

Jose Pardo: haha… everyone knows that dogs have no interest in clowns. No matter how musical or melancholy! Unless they’re trying to deliver a letter or have a squeaky toy. :slight_smile:

Andy H: Phew… glad i’ve kept you happy. I’ll pop by your 3D thread today and request some changes. Hahaha. :wink:


Just a few tweaks to the tonal layer and i used some ‘proper’ musical notes.

This piece has really sparked off some ideas…


Great Characters! The poor dog looks so downtrodden.


Hi duddlebug. I love your style. Looks impressive your work. Congrats. The Dog as the others guys say it, are my favorite right know but i’ll wating for your clow kid. :thumbsup:

xbo :scream:


Oooh, yes please… can I have Marmite on it?


Nice progress :smiley:
I love the facial expression of the boy whit the striped scarf.


Whats more funny and emotional at the same time as a sad clown I ask myself… Ur concepts r marvelous man! And ur character design… Im speachless… I know that that kind of comments arent much help to u, but sometimes I just have to say at least something :slight_smile: keep up the great work!


hahaha freakin awesome, even thought i found your circus parade very apealing and raher spectacular. haha, this somehow as even something Picasso-ish somehow…uhm… why not make a big oneman band of him, se looks like he can handle that :wink:


Great sketch, very much like the kids/people on the sidewalk, this clown must have some magical tunes! :smiley: :thumbsup:
Keep going…


You always introduce us to such wonderful and fantastic worlds… NICE, man. :slight_smile:


I didn’t get chance to get online this weekend… or do any ‘Spectacular’ work. :sad: Too busy re-arranging the house so baby Daisy can have her own bedroom! :slight_smile:

But thanks for the comments!

zpapageo: Thankyou! I think all of the crowd will look a little downtrodden. Why should the dog get away with it!?

2xbo: Hello and thanks! I’ll have to get another concept of that clown kid done soon, eh? I might try and get a more finished rough of the whole composition sorted next… so he will feature prominently in that!

Poshspice: But you have marmite on everything!? :eek:

Lady Medusa: Ta… i was quite pleased that the three kids came out of my wacom very quickly but captured the kinda look i want. Hopefully that’ll continue on the finished image??

NinjaASSN: Cheers Blaz! I wish i could commit a little more time to the character concepts, but stuff’s hectic. More to come this week, though!

the1st_angel: Hey Sacha… ta!! I’m still going with the big circus though! The clown’s just a character from the procession. I just made into a bit of an illustration because i was pleased with him. He’s inspired another kids’ book idea too!! But i’ve got three ideas i’m already trying to work up… so he’ll have to go sit on the pile of ‘to do’.

MichaelMotion: Thanks! I’m sure he has got some magical tunes! Magical but melancholy! :slight_smile:

coCoKNIght: Thanks!


Bua hahaha ha ha. Ha.

Ack, you’ve finally converted my way of thinking about clowns, Jonny. And believe me, my hate for Ronald McDonald and co. was pretty intense. It’s like a whole breed of them I’ve not thought about, eh? He’s fantastic, just so pathetic it’s hilarious. Wonderfully drawn, his fingers seem a bit bony for such a fat little clown though.

If we’re giving out muffins, I’m starving…dammit, still 2 and a quarter hours till lunch…


intresting ideas, looking forward to see where its going =)