Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


Woo! Aceness! Great character designs there johnny!

The one at the bottom right is my fave - i love the simplicity of his head shape.


I love those clowns there Johnny. I don’t know why, but I just start laughing whenever I look at them - something about that expression. Priceless. :smiley: I agree with Andy H, bottom right.

This is definitely one of the threads I’m following most closely, the mood in it is just so dead on (just realised how much I sounded like some sort of hippie there). Look forward to the next update.


The ones on the right rule. 'specially the one top right, looks like he’s forgotten his false teeth. Makes me giggle. Top stuff.


Duddlebug, i very much like your characters!


Didn’t have time before… but thought i’d sneak some replies into a tea break!

calisto: Linda… it won’t be quite so dark visually in the final piece, but even with some vibrant spectacular colours, i’m hoping to keep it dark in mood.

Baron Impossible: Cheers Simon… i’m a bit busy with ‘stuff and things’ at the moment, but i’m hoping to get some charcater concepts done over the next week or so. The colour on this image will come later! Still 74 days to go!

Luter: Yup… i think ‘Spectacular’ is much more difficult than it first appears…

p4b10, 2xbo, kboss, elmasfeo, MichaelMotion: Cheers!

Andy H: Ta ANdy… Bottom right would be my favourite too!

Elsie: Thansk Elsie, Clowns are fun aren’t they? I’m gonna have more fun with them before i settle on one, but the bottom right is the direction i’ll be heading. Although he’ll be aside a tiny tricycle and have a huge tuba wrapped around his shoulders!

kboss: “looks like he’s forgotten his false teeth”… hahaha! Now that is a good idea!

Sergey: ta! More coming soon!


Looking through the thumbs onthe entries page, I knew this one was yours even without reading the name! Lovely characters, I love the one in the middle best, it has this ugly old woman feel to it that really makes me giggle. And the one bottom left reminds me of the character from the Superman Lover’s music video with the potato-headed guy and the mouse with the disturbingly dangly nose. Can’t wait to see you get started on this Jonny. :bounce:


Hi duddlebug. I’m agree with the others guys. Bottom right or that Mom in the middle. Looks great those one. I’ll like to see more about the small kid. I think that kid give you Spirit to your scene. :smiley: Work on your Kid.

Nice work.

xbo :scream:


…just subscribing… Your ideas and style are fantastic.


Just a progression of the clown sketches i posted yesterday.

This fella is the preliminary design for one of the clowns cycling along behind the kid on the tricycle.

I might colour this one up…


Damn, thats ace! I love his tiny feet and creepy fingers.
When are you gonna start drawing the final thing? I know we have 70-odd days left, but ill slap you if this doesnt get finished in time :scream:


Great Character!


He’s great, JD! He looks all sad and glum, but I’m imagining the squeak of his trike wheels being accompanied by a rousing version of Herb Alpert’s ‘Spanish Flea’ honking out of his tuba!


Haha, Matt. I’m not sure it’d be particularly ‘rousing’… maybe a little melancholy and out of tune…?

Jose Pardo: Cheers… and only another twenty or so charcaters to design!

Andy H: Chill out, dude! I’m gonna finish this one! Honest! :stuck_out_tongue:

rongen: Thanks for siubsrcibing… hope i keep you entertained!

2xbo: tried to go with the bottom right fella from the last sketch… hope you like it! The little kid ain’t going anywhere!! He might even appear in the colour study of this clown…?

Zepyhri: Thanks Sam! Didn’t go with the middle one, but i hope you like this fella…

I’m off to Scotland for the weekend so i won’t be updating until next week sometime. There’ll be more character concepts coming then!


hahahahahaha that’s one cool looking clown man! awesome :beer:


Lovely work as usual :thumbsup: - hope you’re fully recouperated now!

Have you gotten anywhere with the crowd around the cirucs yet? Obviosuly the characters in the circus are progressing really well, so jsut wondering :slight_smile:


Fair enough. ‘Stranger on the Shore’ then. I think a tuba would do that ditty better justice than a clarinet anyway. You’ll have to give the clown a bowler hat, though.

And a little beardy.


Bah! You keep suggesting songs i don’t know! I think ‘Spanish Flea’ was perfect, if it was tuba’d out all boswonk…

And the clown’s kinda got a bowler hat… albeit a stretched bowler hat. :slight_smile:

Rudeone: Thanks!

Overchord: I’m recuperated! Me, Jane and baby Daisy had what you might call a ‘vomit relay’. As soon as someone seemed to get better, someone would get sickly! I ran the final leg of course. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a very clear image in my head of the crowd, inspired by a mixture of period photos of kids in cobbled british streets.


Nice sketches, I will wait for the next update holla!:thumbsup:


Here’s a development from the clown sketch i did yesterday. I’m just playing around with the feel of the piece and thinking about character design. I’m kinda limited with the time i can invest in the challenge at the moment so drawings are confined to my lunch hour. So this was probably about an hour’s work. Which ain’t enough time for colour for me.

I might work this up into more of an illustration and add colours to the clown. Or i might just get on with another character design…


Looking good - i love the dog and the kids on the right of the shot, but the clown looks more like an ugly fat dog or sometihng now. I dunno why… I cant really make out his mouth or facial features other than the eyes. It looked much clearer in the pencil sketch you did earlier