Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


Hi! You’ve got one of the best concepts in the challenge so far… :wink:


Fantabulous! This looks to be a really fun piece. Good luck to you!:thumbsup:


Nice work man

keep it up:)


that last one is really good… can’t wait to see this developing more


I prefer the portrait vertion. It makes it look like a bigger and more spectaculas event.

Hope to see more updates soon :slight_smile:


i so very much admire your work. not much to say about your image but i will stress one thing.

updates !!! more updates!


Interesting, I specially like the composition:) good going dude!


SigFire: Cheers! There’s plenty of time to get going! It’s a three month challenge! Good luck!

comaone: Thanks! Yup… like i said before, i prefer flipped. There’ll be a bunch of other stuff making it into this compostion as i design up characters. And it looks wonky to me in both images. I might have to do some tweaking of the main angles and shapes, but without losing the ‘quirky’ perspective!

NinjaASSN: Cheers Blaz! Another vote for ‘flip’ makes me happy! :slight_smile:

ahbeejieh: Thanks for the comments! I think i’m going with the boy in the bottom right. There’s arguments for both when yu consider we read left to right. Do i want to see the boy first? Because he’s at the front of the parade and he’s the focal point of the circus? Or do i want the eye to flow across the circus and finish up on the boy? There’s benefits and drawbacks to both, but at the moment it seems to work both ways, so i’m gonna aim to use the boy bottom right but can flip it as i go along and keep it under review! Ahhh… the benefits of digital!!

CG-AvangarD, FrozZT, BluePulse, Ahmed Hosny, W!L: Thanks! I hope the final image doesn’t disappoint!

Lady Medusa: I agree! The portrait version can accommodate the height of the circus and i can exaggerate that more than in the landscape!

Slav: Updates coming soon! I’ve been busy on some other stuff this week… I’m hoping to get some character drawing posted today or tomorrow…

Donsam: Thankyou! Hope i keep you interested… :slight_smile:

As i mentioned… More updates to come today or tomorrow, but i’ve had to slack off this week because i’ve had a bunch of other stuff to get done. Plenty of time left though, and i’m gonna finish this one. And that’s a promise!


it took me awhile to make the choice as both the format looks simultaneously good~:scream:yeah,keep playing with it.i’ll be watching closely on the progress:)


This is coming on great jonny! I looked at all of the options on your challenge page, and after a few minutes, I closed my eyes and just looked at which one grabbed my attention most, and it’s definitely the last one, the shapes seem to work better flipped this way, and the portrait format seems to make everything grander. My two cents, anyhow.

And did you just say you don’t have a style…? looks incredulous Ai, man, you have one of the most unique and recognisable styles on this website! Hell, you want to see an artist who hasn’t settled on style, you should see my deviant site… I really love your style!


sh@ke: yeh… i’m gonna keep fiddling. I’m hoping to get a lot more done on this next week!

Zepyhri: Thanks Sam… glad you prefer the last one! And regarding style, i just get a little frustrated that i don’t have more time for my own work and really exploring where i want my ‘style’ to be. I’d say that in the last eighteen months, i’ve pretty much relied on CGtalk challenges for getting personal work done! Painter IX is the next step… i bought a copy a couple of weeks ago and i’m fiddling with brushes (there’s so many!?) to try and find a more natural media ‘look’ i’ve got in mind!


so dark!! looks great!:applause:


Wonderful, you’ve created a little corner of a macabre yet believable world. Looking forward to seeing some colours in there (though maybe not too bright!)


Good luck with your entry, i really love your character designs. Please post more!



Hello johny !

Nice to see you here, nice to see your work with all these so nice characters, this particular mood…
Well, I think this challenge will be fun, and a little bit…hard…spectacular theme is like a liitle trap it seems…:slight_smile:
see you soon.


Hi duddlebug. I’m going to enjoy your Work. Looks pretty good. I love the Idea and your Characters have a good sad feeling. :thumbsup:

Keep it up.

Good luck.
xbo :scream:


I generally like your stuff mate. This is no exception. Reminds me of that game; Grim Fandango. I especially like the skewed angle. Looking good.


great! I love your style… we’re waiting for updates :smiley:

This one’s going to be…mmm…what was the word…oh, yep, Spectacular!


I know it’s irrelevant to say, but you’ve got skill! Great style!
I’ll be lurking… :thumbsup:


I’ve been very quiet on this thread over the last week, but i’ve been a bit busy with other stuff and then had a spot of tummy bother that laid me up for a couple of days… but i am still here… and still thinking about the ‘spectacular’…

I’ve done various bits and bobs of sketches and i’m thinking as much about the ‘style’ of my piece as anything else. Here’s some clown doodles. (Very very quick and sketched direct into photoshop!) More to come…