Spectacular 2D Entry: jonny duddle


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It was a grey day.

It was always a grey day.

The dark grey mills belched out their dark grey smoke into the dark grey sky as thousands of children scampered along cobbled streets to be greeted by the dark grey foremen of the dark grey mills.

But something felt different this morning.

There was the faint burble of music and a strange red tint to the dark grey clouds.

Joseph stopped on his way to the dark grey clog factory where he spent most of his dark grey days. He could see shafts of red light spilling through the archways in the dark grey viaduct. And from the other side of the dark grey terraces he could hear music. It wasn’t beautiful, but he so rarely heard music that it seemed to him to be so very beautiful.

Other children stopped.

A thousand children stopped.

A thousand children breathing light grey mist into the dark grey air.

And then it appeared between the dark grey arches.

A burbling, trundling, tumbling circus of scarlet and ivory shrouded in a creeping, crawling, inquisitive mist.

As it edged towards him along the dark grey cobbles, Joseph had never seen anything like it. He had never seen anything so colourful. He had never seen anything so red. So very very red.

In all of his dark grey life, Joseph had never seen anything so Spectacular!



oooOooOoh… this is exciting, isn’t it??

Spectacular, eh?

Didn’t Poshspice guess this one…? He’ll think he’s a really clever boy now.


welcome duddlezzz!!



I missed your past challenge entries and I regreted it, won’t miss this one. Good luck:thumbsup:


Hi Jonny! Woohoo! This is gonna be fun!


Thankzzz Squibbitzzz!!

I must try and finish this one. The last couple of challenges have gone a bit pear shaped.

Spectacular spectacular spectacular… hmmmmm??


welcome again duddle~all the best!:scream:


Cant wait to see what u come up with! Best luck and have loadsa fun!


Good luck :slight_smile: :bounce:


Go Jonny, go!!! Nice to see you around! Good luck buddy! :thumbsup:


Hey johnny, this time I won’t mind you using that cintiq tablet, this time I won’t go 5D :slight_smile:
So let’s see what you’ve got! :buttrock:


Hi jonny! glad to see you again ! good luck!


So here’s a first doodle… had to be quick because i’ve gotta start some ‘proper’ work… it’s 9.30!!

And it doesn’t look very spectacular yet… but then you can’t see what’s behind him… :slight_smile:

It’s got a circus feel, which may not be the most original interpretation of the word ‘spectacular’, butit’s a start…

And this little chap thinks he looks spectacular. Or is he just embarrassed?


ahh~~!i wanna see the sketch~its not showing here,or is it ust me?
u r fast~wish i could do it now but i’m in office~:)


Bah!! That’s rubbish! Maybe there’s some bugs in the system… ho hum.

I can see it here. But i can’t see Xillions… and a i can’t see my thumbnail now!?

I’m sure it’ll all work like buttered clockwork by lunchtime. :slight_smile:


Hmm, the little thumbnails showing for me but when I access the thread it’s not working…ah well, thumbnail looks really nice - good luck with the challenge :slight_smile:


no worries… the thumbnail’s probably more interesting than the sketch. :slight_smile:

i couldn’t see Xillion’s sketch when i first went to his thread… but i can now. Very strange. I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out.


cool~it shows now~as always~cute sketch u’ve got there~:scream:


hi! as promised here I am!..the sketch is coming along fine , cant’ wait to see what’s in the background! As for the image bug …I think the problem lies when you edit the post. I think you could not se the image because I was somewhat messing with the text in the edit window. All run fine again as I finalized the edits.


Hope you’ll have more time for this challenge to make us a great picture.

good luck.