Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


Steve-h: tnx for droppin by! awesome feeling to part of this contest!

jugeras: woooohoooo pare ko! :stuck_out_tongue: pm pm nalang!

zpapageo: tnx for all the support man! ill be seein you around! congrats on your spectacular piece too.

Arc80: tnx for the constant support dude. ill work on that piece i promised, abang abang nalang :thumbsup: awesome work on your piece pare, pretty spectacular how you handled that last minute change!

Korline: we did it man! cant wait for the next one, how bout you? :scream: ill see you around.



Congratulations on submitting on time!

The rain adds a great layer of texture across the image and it’s got some great stylistic touches. The figures in the foreground are lit just right to make you look firstly at the background action. And the limited palette is just the ticket.

Good luck!


Tnx duddlebug! Very technical in the way you’re seeing my piece :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s got some of the technical stuff! Goodluck in the voting dude! ~peace!


dude this is just plain awesomeness. great story, great lookin monster, and love the atmosphere in the battle.


fantastic men! :thumbsup:


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