Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


Wazup Arc80? Have’nt seen any latest updates from you. Yep, I’m not finished with the guys at the bottom yet. The light coming from the girl’s gonna hit them, so their outline’s gonna be pretty visible when I finish with them. Tnx for droppin’ by. Ingats din :scream:


whts up, :bounce:
are you done yet, hey man hury up,
anyway it’s getting better, almost there :thumbsup:
good luck, seeya :smiley:


Hi korline. Just finishing up some work so I can go all the way with my challenge piece. I’m gonna stay up the whole night if I have to. Crunch time. So be it :eek: :thumbsup:


Dalian mo Tol. Masyado ka namang suspencefull eh :argh: Naghihintay nalang sa final image. Balik ulit ako :wip: :wip:



Hi guys. Just relaxin’ with the extra time given. I want to make the image as close to finish as possible before I post, but heck, for the sake of posting something, here’r some shots of the details… Congrats to all those who are done with their entries already, and goodluck to all of yous. ~peace


Excellent details, I love the armour and headresses of the human warriors. It makes them look like a religious order or something. Great work.


hi, those creatures designs are great! and the mochromatic palette works really well in your piece, nice job:thumbsup:


Arc80: Lapit na tsong:arteest: Excited na nga ako e… Lintik, buti ka pa natapos kagad!

zpapageo: Yeah, they’re kinda worshipping the girls who’s casting the spell. That’s a simplified outline of a girl on the sides of their headdress… I think :scream:

SNoWs: Hey tnx for checkin the image out man. Glad you like it :thumbsup: Yep, I think the monochromatic look preserves the mood of what I’m tryin to portray well.


Here’s the whole image. I still want to add and change a couple of stuff but I might not have time… I’m still not sure about how to upload it to the site too… I’ve never used FTP before… Scaaaaary :stuck_out_tongue: Next stop: FINAL IMAGE.


I think it needs some darker areas in the sky to give it more depth. Strange, but cool.


Cool suggestion. I’ll use it. Tnx!


Looking fantastic, ahbeejieh! The edge lighting on the warriors looks great.The headress symbol is a cool detail. Dont wait too long to submit. the traffic will be heavy.



In this battle that we call life, the enemy is equipped with armor and is trained to swing an 80 pound flanged mace on your head
Man must fight through the dark, muddy, rocky, and slippery plains of existence trusting only their own instincts
But running on instincts alone is not enough. The soldiers will not last the night
For the Demon Prince of Pride and Ego is the Champion of the opposition, and his power over men is absolute. Fortunately, Man also has their own Champion
They have the Woman. With her Charm, she provides light in the darkest places; with her Grace; she sends down a rain of inspiration that boosts willpower; and with her Strength, she provides a barrage of fury to those who dare stand in her way
She is the Pillar of Man
And she is Man’s only hope against the brutal realities of this world.


The concept started out with an idea that it might be cool to paint a woman, graceful clean, charming and all, amongst these dirty, big, strapping, heavily armored warriors in a savage battle of life and death. And I wanted it to look like the men are protecting the woman, but at the same time, the woman is also providing them power by blessing them with an enchanted rain spell, as well as, providing them cover from this huge monster twins representing pride and ego. I really think that pride and ego kinda limit man’s view on how to solve most of his problems in life. Most of us guys don’t admit it, but pride and ego really is a big thing for us, considering the stereotype roles we play in this world.

I made the men’s eyes glow to project the power that they’re getting from the woman. I chose rain as the visual symbol that boosts the men’s energy in the scene, as well as the main representation of this piece, coz there truly is something magical when it rains
To most countries, rain is important coz it makes their crops grow
To a soldier in a hot battlefield, it provides refreshment that seems to make his inventory lighter.

To every man in this world, the woman is the most important being in his life. To a child, it’s his mother; to a husband, it’s his wife; to a king, it’ his queen
This piece is dedicated to all women out there.Tnx to all those who visited and provided C&C’s to my thread! Glad to have met you guys even just through here. Thanks to the CG Society pips too for this opportunity. I learned a lot. Special thanks to my sis, aka Lyneran, for letting me hog her computer till I finished this piece and for letting me use her Wacom! Tnx Panet!

It was in the past
It is in the present
So shall it be in the future that women will continue to provide magic for men all over the world till the end of time
The Woman: A truly SPECTACULAR being!


I really like it! - Great style and idea - well done! :thumbsup:


zpapageo: wazup man? we freekin’ made it! :thumbsup: hehe. I actually almost didnt make it. had to rush the damn strokes of rain… I aint too happy about it, but what else can you do right? Crappy is a lot better than no entry right? :slight_smile: I’m still yet to check your final piece out. I’ll be right there.

Mythmaker: hey man tnx for droppin by :slight_smile: Glad you like my piece :thumbsup:


Congrats on finishing, you’ve got a great imagination.



tol this ones for you :banghead: - o gising k n b. congrats sa finish n tnx a ton for the support. pm m k email m.

kita kits… :applause: :applause: :applause: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Ahbeejieh, Congratulations, my man. You did an awesome job. The rain is an excellent touch. Now get some well-deserved rest.


WOOHOO :bounce: :bounce: you made it and it looks great :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Super nice story telling pre and i had fun watching every move (don’t forget about the other piece, taposin mo rin yun. wanna see another masterpiece from you naman).

So kita ulit tayo next time, pero keep in touch narin pre. I have me email on me website and you can pm me as well.

Congrats and goodluck sa judging. Astig talaga ang mga noypiz :buttrock:



dude you’ve made it :bounce: :bounce:
this is a trip, just read your story, it’s freaking awsome :applause:
good luck man :thumbsup:
seeya around :twisted: :buttrock: