Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


I think u r doing really fine, those fairies r marvelous as well as those soliders fighting on the ground. I hope u’ll finish the background and monster in time. If may I, I would suggest some small amount of another color to the pic. Dark yellow or something in the first plan, to seperate it from the background, to make some contrast and bring more depth to the pic. Only my opinion, but I thought it would be nice to point that out. Keep going with ur good work process and make sure to finish it in time! good luck :slight_smile:


Tnx NinjaASSN. Starting to get frustrated that I cant commit just a lil bit of time to finishing my first ever contest. I’m really doing my best to balance things out with work. But too much to do at the moment. Tnx for the suggestion about adding some color in the pic. I’ll try and sort it out a bit, hope I got time to play around with it a lil more, but as of now my main concern is just to keep detailing on it and project onscreen the image of the scene Ive got in my head. Tnx again.


rock n roll nlng kinabukasan. istorbo trabaho. ha ha. keep going


Hehe. Sinabi mo pa! :thumbsup:


what’s up,
this looks pretty good, like the colors you’ve pick
if that helps any with the frustration, I’m scrambling pretty bad for some time to finish my mess, so keep going, cheers :smiley:


Finished with the bodies. Still some minor adjustments on the anatomy and costumes needed… But who’s got time for that? :stuck_out_tongue: ~peace.


Hey Korline. Yeah, scramblin’s pretty much the right word to describe what were doing here :slight_smile: But I guess it aint gonna work if we get frustrated with trying to make the deadline, and end up with a piece were not happy with… I just need to relax a bit that’s all. Tnx for droppin’ in man.


Excellent, dude! I love how those freaky chicks are coming out. Those masks are creepy cool.
I’m also tearing my hair out trying to finish. I’ll be lucky if I can get mine to “good enough” level and then I’ll come back after to truly finish it.
Keep at it, cuz this piece’s got it going on!


started with the big guy. i want the clouds to look like waves. still need to play with it some more.


Wazup zpapageo? My hair’s fallin’ off on it’s own at this point :stuck_out_tongue: I’m tryin’ to enjoy this as much as tryin’ to make the deadline. The two don’t go together very well, since it’s only a couple of days left. But I can see that you’re a fast worker man… You’ll make it. Hope I make it too. Keep those hair-tearin’-fingers of yours offa your scalp and keep bashin’ on that tablet man! Battle scenes I love, and yours aint no exception :scream:


Keep going meng. Umaayos narin. Can’t wait to see more details. Those magical archers are looking awesome. Definately dig the blues. They give a feel of magical being, which they are, hehehe. No critzs from me right now pre. Subaybayan ko nalang.

ingat :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


ahbeejieh, the full scene is awesome! I love the foreground fighters. They are definitely working. That will be a good idea with the clouds. I hope you work it out.
I’m not crazy about the mouth on the demon’s arm. It’s standing out too much like a valentine heart and it really seems to draw the eye more than it should. Everything else rocks! I cant wait to see more.


Set the girls’ heads on fire, worked a bit on the big guy.


Arc80: Keep going to the max na talaga tol! Tapusin na natin to ng matapos na :slight_smile:

zpapageo: I agree about the mouth-in-arm thing. It really distracts a lot. But I kinda wanted to give those tentacles some kind of purpose… I did’nt want it to be just some big lump on the big guy’s arm. I drew some guys wrapped around at the tip of some of the tentacles, and they’re like on their way to the mouth-in-arm thing. It does seem pretty silly at first, but I got used to looking at it and in the end it looks ok… Think of it this way… The big guy’s a demon prince… And the guy on his arm’s his twin. Pretty cool now huh? :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe… Nyway, I’ll try and post it without the mouth-in-arm thing, and hope you guys can comment more about it. Tnx.


ahbeejieh, I take back what I said. With your latest update, the mouth doesnt distract me anymore. I like it now.
Fantastic effect with the sky and the flaming hair. The detailing on the demon prince is looking awesome. I love his spiky hairbones That really is a terrifying creature. Keep going, this is getting better and better


Ayt then :slight_smile: With that being said, I guess the mouth stays. Tnx for the feedback man :thumbsup:


great update :bounce: :bounce:
awsome what you 've done to the sky and their heads, :buttrock:
it’s getting close, but there’s still some time left :twisted:
cheers :slight_smile:


I’m calling it “demon prince” from now on, tnx to zpapageo’s question’s regarding the second mouth in the arm :stuck_out_tongue: That “thing” on his arm is his twin. Pretty sickly, but I’ve already got a story that’ll go well with it. So hope I finish in time.

Let’s see…

It’s suppose to be a wildfire look to the arrows when it hits the prince. I’m not sure if the effect I painted’s good enough. I’m still gonna smudge it up to give more effect.

Gave the prince a tunic to show that there’s wind blowing from the girls, or simply to emphasize his movement…

I wanted the mace he’s holding to look like it’s a piece from a tower or something, so that it’ll look like it’s really gonna hurt when he bashes the chicks’ heads in.



Hey Korline. Yep. Wee bit of time left. But I’m sure we’ll make it… I’m just not sure how sure I am with that :stuck_out_tongue: Keep punching man :argh:


Keep going pre, keep going :wip: maybe some ambient lights or refected light on the bottom area. a bit too dark right now. Hard to see some of the action down there.

Clouds is definately looking nice. Ayos din yung mga babae mo, hehe.

Ingat and be back to see more :buttrock: