Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


Yeah man. It’s all about the mood… You cant go on doing something if you’re not whole-hearted about the whole “feel” of things you know? :beer: Glad you understand and tnx for droppin’ by.


Laid down different values to clearly see if I got enough foreground and farground elements to create enough depth in the scene. Flippin’ the image too to see problems in the picture. Comments, crits always welcome.


Hey! Glad you decided to give this a chance! I like the dark mood right now… The spell as a lightsource will work great i think! Take a moment to think about the gore/blood thing… It can be a bad thing in the judging! I hope you make it in time!

Good luck!


i like the subtle mood of tis one.
NIce ble tones. Keep on the good work !


Musta na meng? Looking good Tol. Very nice atmosphere. The lighting will definately work well with this piece. Just be careful with the two characters on your foreground. They are very centralize and they seem to steal the attention away from your main character. Either tanggalin mo sila o magdagdag ka nang iba (move those two to the right sid and add some more that’s receading towards to the main character).

Keep it up meng. Gumaganda yung composition mo :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Tryin’ to feel the lighting. This is more like a concept sketch rather than a coloring in progress coz there are still some stuff I’m gonna change in the pic. The head of the Big Troll-like thing aint recognizable anymore coz of all the arrows, so I’m gonna tilt it down making it seem like he’s trying to duck out of the arrows. I’m not gonna make the arrows fill up the screen anymore coz that’s just gonna make the scene look too crazy… The Big Guy’s gonna be eating all the arrows that the chicks are gonna throw at him. Gave it a downpour to make all the armor shine despite of the dark setting… They’re also gonna be fighting in mud, dirtying up their armor, making the battle look cooler, as well as emphasize the clean, white, divine presence of the girl.

The changes I mentioned are gonna be done along with the detailing which is coming up next. My favorite part! :slight_smile:


FrozZT and Arc80: The whole gory, impalement thing had crossed my mind that it might disturb the judges; as well as, the two fore figures stealing the spotlight from the girl… So I moved the two lovebirds further down into the crowd to make it seem like they’re actually a part of the battle and arent trying to make out or something, and to lessen the emphasis on the gore. But I’m definitely not taking the impalement out. I think it adds to the coolness of the piece and besides, this is a after all a battle… and shit happens :twisted: (pardon the term but you get what i mean :scream:) And c’mon, it’s just one impalement right? :shrug: Tnx for the crits guys. Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

maurodelia: tnx for the feedback man. The mood was inspired from The Two Towers’ Battle for Helm’s Deep :thumbsup:


Looking good, looking good. Kayod lang nang Kayod pre :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Will there be any warm colours around or gawin mo lang mon?



Here comes the pain!.. Well, atleast the pain of not getting enough sleep. Barely started with the detailing. Having trouble finding time to keep pushing with the updates. Having doubts if I can make it. Anyway, here’s how the guys-battling-it-out’ll look like. Not much of an update, just wanted to post something for the sake of not looking too left behind… Although that’s exactly what’s happening at the moment… Me, getting left behind… ~Peace! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wazup Arc? :stuck_out_tongue: No warms colors for this picture. It’ll be as grey, blue, and black as much as possible… Tnx for droppin’ by pre :slight_smile:


Just showing off how little I can do in such a huge amount of time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I dont like working at the whole area at one time when it comes to detailing… I get bored with the piece easily that way. I like to go detailing stuff that I actually feel like working on at the moment. That way it kinda makes the whole rendering fun, and it lessens the idea that I’m actually “working” on this piece. I’m just not sure if that affects the speed of the whole process…

Anyway, it’s really gonna be grey all the way with the mood. I want everything in the pic dark except for the girl and the monster.


ops so long way to expand idea i m waiting for ur work its look great etod:thumbsup:


Tnx gaianix :slight_smile:


Let’s see… I got only a million things left to do in this pic… And I still have like 16 days to finish it. I wonder…


Hey ahbeejieh! I havent seen this in a while and it lookss really cool. I like this new direction a lot. The composition is strong. I dont know what your planning as far as color, but I like the dark monochrome effect youve got going on. It really looks like a hellish armageddon battle. Good luck, I hope you finish this.


zpapageo: Hey, tnx man. Your piece is awesome too. I’ve been keeping tabs on it since the beginning :thumbsup: I’m sticking with the dark overall mood of this piece man. Glad you like it. Let’s keep pushing eh? Got 2 weeks left :eek: Goodluck!


Started detailing on the girls. Now, I’m gonna be using the girl I just rendered, as a reference for the rest of ‘em. Things are starting to get tight around here with the deadline slowly creepin’ down everyone’s neck. I’ll try and lie low with some work for the next couple of days… It’s probably a good idea to have my eyelids surgically removed too, so it’ll actually be hard to fall asleep. One thing though… If I dont make it to the deadline, I atleast need to make myself go wow with what’ll come out of all this. ~ Peace.


Naks, astig!!! I like what you’re doing to their costumes. I’m wondering if the image might get a bit too monochromatic. Alam ko maraming pang kailangan gawin, so hintay na lang ako.



I’ll be adding hints of flesh tones in the pic para maiwasan ng onti yung monochromatic feel. Pero as much as possible gusto ko kasi maintain yung dark mood pre. Dami pang gagawin. Tnx for visiting pare! Ingats din


toned down the flames and gave the girls some legs.