Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


[li]mannix8: Tnx for droppin in man. There will be definitely be some expressive moods in the faces of these guys. Will work on that in the future. Tnx![/li][/ul]
[li]W!L: Got your vote on this one man. Tnx![/li][/ul]
[li]Arc80: Wazup Arc? I agree about the struggle thing… I want to make the scene seem desperate for the angels so I really dont want a lot of them going after this demon. The demon’s suppose to symbolize a mountain that seems impossible to climb. But the angels still go for it. I was actually plannin on making the demon bigger and the angels smaller to emphasize desperation. But I might lose the angels… Anyway, Nagual’s suggestion about the battle scene’s got a point too. A battle scene would definitely be a more spectacular render, but I dont know if that’s the feel I want for this pic. We’ll see. About those angels in the background. I wanted a kind of audience witnessing this situation. And the background’s gonna be empty without some sort of elements in it… Maybe some sculptures will suffice. I dunno. We’ll see. Nakalabas na Nescafe ko pare… Deretso ko na ngang tutunggain sa lalagyan, wala ng timplahan! :scream:[/li][/ul]
[li]birdybear: Got your vote on this one too man! Tnx.[/li][/ul]Got a lotta work to finish. Just passing by to reply to your c&c’s. Tnx everyone!


I like the most recent image, but the comment about it not being the spectacular moment makes sense. Maybe you could show the moment when the first angel has reached the demon’s face and is plunging his sword in, sending the demon reeling backwards.


First off, tnx for noticing the concept man. No time to update and contemplate on any image at the moment, but your suggestion is definitely cooler. Something smaller, taking down something humongous is more spectacular. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve just been around checking up on everyone else’s work and I dont even have time to comment on most of them. Man, some of the dudes here finished their work already! And I’m not even halfway there. Damn… Got no choice man. Lotsa work I gotta finish to maintain my reputation in this world of design. I’ve definitely lost my momentum in this contest. May the Gods of 2D concept illustration help me to pull something outta my guts to finish this one. Tnx man :buttrock: Appreciate it.


I love the most recent melee going on in the ‘rain’ image, but YEAH - the new ones good too. Love the colours and the characters, not sure about the pose though… I didn’t read it as a hammer until I saw it mentioned in the text, and cause of the angle, it looks a little as if the huge demon is just slowly keeling over. Not sure how to choose between the ideas though - like’em both :slight_smile:


Tnx Avatarist. Your comments on the devil concept’s right on the money. His feet’s suppose to be off the ground, and he’s suppose to be in a “flying out” position that’s why he’s kinda keeling over. I agree that the hammer’s definitely not in the picture with the way I positioned it. The scene’s a bit too subtle for my taste too.

With all that being said, I’m going for the Rain concept. I love the chaos in these kinds of battles and the concept’s as original as it can get with the Arrow Hotties… Most of the challenger’s got some kinda huge monster in their picture destroying, or trying to eat something.

Just looking for the right references. Hopefully I can start with the execution next week. Tnx again!


Love the angle of the camera, and the devil not looking straight to the viewer (something fresh these days :)) I think if u make the right abient with some sort of desert storm or something, this would be quite a spectacular image… and keep the monochromatic scheme, it fits well to the theme.


Tnx for noticin’ the concept NinjaASSN. Except there’s too many huge monster themes in this contest already. I’m going for the Arrow Chicks in my last concept :thumbsup:


just waiting for something new :love:


Tnx Korline. That makes two of us :scream:


Hurry up with the update TOL!!! Tagal naman, hehehe



Hehe :smiley: Try ko mamyang gabi pre. Kahit mga costumes lang, napapagiwanan na nga ako e :scream: Di talaga ako makasingit e, hirap tumanggi sa mga projects tsong :deal: Pero tama ka, kailangan na humataw! Tnx pare!


Found some time to do some sketches.

Changed the pose of the girl and gave her a teddy bear to make her look more vulnerable, and therefore more spectacular when she pulls out the “Arrow Hotties” spell.

The general idea for the look of the heroes is to make it seem like they’ve been on a long journey before reaching this place. Robes, jackets and stuff like that seem to give out a good impression of that idea. They’re gonna have minimal armor since heavy armor will only encumber them on their trip. I also wanna make them look like refugees who’ve been roughed out a bit. So none of them are gonna be your usual clean and handsome heroes who are wearing skimpy clothes. I want a more realistic approach to their look. I’ll leave the skimpy clothing to the Arrow Hotties.


I want to make the badguys as ugly, dark and as hellish as possible, and as far-away looking from the usual orc and goblin look. I want them deformed at some point, like the big bloke over here. Some parts of their skin and muscles will be torn-off revealing some metal-like bones, almost machine-flesh like. Stuff like that really looks freaky.

That’s the idea on how everyone else is gonna look… The only thing that’ll look different from the sketches here will be the Arrow Chicks, but they’re gonna be wearing as little clothes as possible, so that’ll be pretty easy to pull off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Comments?

Line Art’s coming up next when I find the time.


Some nice sketches pre :thumbsup: very interesting style. I like your first idea, pero bakit ayaw mong gawin yung isa. I really love the composition on that one and the size relationship and it has a lot of atmophere to play with. I know there are a lot of people doing big monster, but i just feel that that image has a lot of potential and promising. Why pare…BAKIT :cry: Abangan ko na lang pre :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Hehe… Ayos ka pare, nakakatuwa words mo :thumbsup: It all depends on the mood talaga tsong… The Devil idea looks really great pero nung dumami na mga halimaw na nagsisilakihan dito sa contest, nagfade yung gana ko sa concept e. Kaya, back to the previous concept. Masbuo narin kasi yung nakikita ko sa utak kong image nung concept nung “Rain” e, compared dun sa “Ascent”. Yaan mo pre, para sayo, tatapusin ko yung piece nayun even if it’s not for this contest :scream:


Covered the eyes of the arrow chicks with the idea that she’s gonna be the one bringing down justice on the horde. Cheezy line coming up>>> “Justice is blind” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The helmet makes them look less sexier but they definitely look cooler making it seem like they’re firing on all directions blindly.

And the tall, multiple-armed dude is the hundreds of orc/goblinish things that’ll be attacking the heroes. It’s nothing new, but I cant think of any other way to make it look different, be it compared to the creatures of LOTR.

The final outcome of most of the sketches will probably look drastically different in the end since improvising has always been the fun part of drawing stuff like this.

Line art coming up.


I like the armour idea and the covering the eyes area. Very cool and mysterious looking. Pero, nasaan yung buong image :wink: I’m waiting pre…waiting…hehehe.



I’ll be starting on the lineart soon pare, as soon as I finish some work :slight_smile: Hope I finish it soon excited nako magsimula sa lineart! :stuck_out_tongue: Tnx men :thumbsup:


I’ve completely lost focus in this contest and with what scene I wanna do… Decided to kinda wing it with a more simpler scene for the Rain concept, get lose with how I’m gonna develop this new layout in my head and let’s just see what’ll come out in the end. Pretty drastic move at this point… But what the heck… Ladyluck’s with me if this one turns out ok…


Sorry if I’ve been confused with what I wanna do. But I’m definitely happy with this one; concept, layout, and setting wise. Tried to combine the Ascent and Rain concept and this is what came out. It’s a battlescene. I’ll just explain more of the scene as it develops. Tnx for all your comments by the way. Helped me get to this point. Time to get back in this game. Starting to feel the excitement again, along with the pressure to complete this. Peace~!!!


glad to hear you got your focus back! i know how it feels to be lost on the road.
your previous color rendering shows promising result in mood and action:)