Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


prety strong concepts and colors , nice creatures,
but I can only see the top part of the last image so it’s hard to be helpful, not sure wat’s wrong
anyway good luck :applause:


Hmm… i agree with pareng Jugeras about the 3 things he said. Plus, masyadong equal at even yung composition mo. May nang-yayari sa taas, may nang-yayari sa baba. Personally, masyadong equal yung mga actions at visual effects. Other than that, love the concept of the story meng. Ayos at yung colour choice gumagana. So keep it up. abangan ko uli :thumbsup:



[li]Korline: Hmm… The image might be too big for your browser or something. But the size of my posts have always been the same thruout. I’ll make my posts smaller in the future. Tnx Korline! [/li][/ul]

[li]Arc80: Musta tsong? I guess tama ka dun sa masyadong equal yung dating… Kayalang gusto ko talaga nasa gitna yung babae’t heroes para mukha talagang surrounded sila. Balak ko pa nga ipaikot sa kanila yung mga anghel na nasa background… Kayalang lalong babalanse yun :slight_smile: Pakita ko sa inyo sa next sketch ko. I’ll just try and tilt the horizon para di mag mukhang equal masyado. And about adding other creatures for variety, I’ll add some smaller and medium sized creatures to achieve that. Tnx for the helpful crits pre! :buttrock: [/li][/ul]


Mga Tol… Ilan kayong pinoy dito? I’m glad to see you all here. Goodluck. Nice concept indeed.


Got my Wacom back! :slight_smile:

Considered Jugeras’ suggestion about adding some other creatures in the pic. I didnt sketch the additional creatures clearly but I added in some troll things and those flying thinga-ma-gigs with long scorpion-like tails in the scene.

Considered Arc80’s comment about the picture being too “equal-looking”. Tilted the horizon and lowered the point of view just an itty bit for a more dynamic look. I guess it worked. The girl seems more on top of the world now than before.

Tnx for the tips mga tsong!

Took the scene outside again just to see how it feels. The image I previously posted was just too crazy, I did’nt know where to put my eyes on when I viewed it. So I toned down the arrows. Made it seem like most of the Maidens are targetting the bigger creatures, and leaving most of the puny ones to the heroes. Now it doesnt look like its raining anymore. Forgot to draw the ruffled feathers falling/blowing in the wind. Oh well. Also added more heroes, coz I made the pedestal thing bigger.

I cant decide whether to leave the scene outside and just put some mountains in there or put it back in the temple and just play around with the kneeling statues. Thoughts? :slight_smile:


Leave it like this. It’s definately a lot better Tol. Just a suggestion naman, if you want, you can actually put a hint of some mountains at the very back, show the entrace to the temple on the right side, and put some close up shots of creatures jumping around on the foreground to give it a more sense of the depth of field. Sige, kayod lang nang kayod.
Can’t wait till you flesh things out more. Nag hihintay sa design nang mga characters mo :bounce:

abangan at ingatz


good job with these color display sketches, they’re all fun to watch…

… and you too, if in doubt , could try mixing everything together,
having a huge temple with clouds (or some fumes) inside… :slight_smile:



hey dude ,
no dude it’s my f**n internet at home, and I’ve been to busy at work so, anyway now it’s working ok I guess,
and thanks for your advise
anyway, what I really like is the let say angels with bows coming out of the light, in this dark forest that i think is knock out,
I like those drastic colors, but the composition worries me a bit it’s to center, the last one I think is the best one, but I see youre loosing those angels,
I would make them the firsrt plan, than the crazy crowd and than the fire and forest very dark, but just keep working see what happens :wip:


[li]Arc80: Wazup pare… A much dynamic tilt on the picture noh? :slight_smile: Good advice. And you just gave me another idea about putting in a hint of the mountains on one side, and putting in a hint of the temple on the other side. Di lang ako sure dun sa jumping creatures on the foreground idea. Coz if they jump, they’re gonna block a lot of the stuff happening on the pedestal… Plus they wont have much room to even actually try and jump. So I might stick with this. I do seem to be having a problem with expressing the depth of field thing… Maybe it’s just the sketch. I dont really want to detail it, but rather just give you an idea for the layout of elements. I cant wait for the character designs too. But the composition’s really important so I’ll take what I can get from you guys. Tnx. Banat narin pare! Ganda yung bago mong iniisip na concept :thumbsup:[/li][/ul]
[li]Squibbit: Nice pic man. From hippy to cowboy eh :scream: I will do exactly that… just mix in all the ideas that best fit this concept. Hope I pinpoint the desired impact for the scene. Tnx![/li][/ul]

[li]Korline: Hi man. Glad you’re able to see the image now. You’ve got a point with the “too-center” composition. Except, that’s exactly what I’m going for coz the scene’s pretty crazy and I dont want the itty-bitty-lil-tiny-almost-pea-sized girl, who’s the star of the show, to get lost in the gangbang. Plus, I also want to emphasize in the scene that the arrow-chicks are firing on all directions and that the hero group’s surrounded. I guess this tilted horizon is the best that I can do to somewhat “uneven” the composition. I’ll try to think of something better. But in the meantime, I’ll stick with this. Unless you’ve got a better suggestion. I’m open dude. Tnx! :)[/li][/ul]


interesting concept, good luck…


Tnx anil6tr!


I couldnt find the mood to update my “rain” concept, so I thought I’d sketch something else to get the boredom out of my system. This is what came out and now I’m going like, hmmm… This looks interesting…

The story is this huge demon overlord crashes into the temple of angels and starts smashing on the idols, the walls, everything… He even kills some of the angels. He’s about to take off but the remaining angels in the temple dont like it when their place is defiled. They cant fly up to follow the huge demon coz their wings arent strong enough to contend with the downward draft caused by the huge wings of the demon. So they cling on his hammer, and plan to climb up to his face and stab him there, since the hide on his body’s too thick anyway for their lil swords to do damage there. So they go for the face to take this big-ass-bully down. I call this sketch “The Ascent”. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Wont be updating much after this. Got work to do.


yo man,
this is mind blowing, that color and how you blend it its … I don’t know I’m speachless :bounce:
my sugestion is to mix those two ideas and you’ve got urself stunning composition
to the first one (if you still gonna work on) my suggestion would be lower down the camera, shorten perspective, you might not get as much crowd but you’ll get the awsome shot on those chixs with bows, still thinking :banghead:
:twisted: :love:


Nice! I like the sketch, the color, and the narrative… very detailed.


This is your best concept so far, the hole battle ould be Epic but cling on to his hammer is not an spectacular moment, take the same battle but get a more intense moment…it ould be a really impressive peace for the challenge


[li]Korline: Tnx man. I’ve decided that I’ll work on this huge demon concept and just borrow some ideas from my previous ideas. Even I was surprised at how this thing turned out.[/li][/ul]
[li]botched: Tnx for checkin the sketch out man. Glad you liked it.[/li][/ul]
[li]Nagual: You’re right man. This whole hammer clinging thing’s too subtle compared to a battle scene. Except I think a battle plus this huge guy might make the scene “too full” of spectacular stuff. I might go overboard or something. I’ll try sketchin’ it out to see how a battle scene would feel though. Tnx.[/li][/ul]


hey ahbeejieh,

thanks for visiting and now I came to see what you are cooking.
this could be a winner your image looks dramatic. it does have a potential.
keep it coming.

what i noticed is the face of the character- maybe you should make it
more recognizable.


that concept sketch is really really great. love the idea… sectacular for sure… go for it!


AYOS, AYOS pare :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Love the damn composition and colour bro! Naks, ang ganda nang dating and the demon looks AWESOME. I do agree about the issue of the hammer just sitting like that.

Suggestion lang Tol: yung mga angel sa bottom left corner, maybe take them off. Personally, it is much better to see just a couple of angels fighting this demon than a bunch of them. It shows struggle and the determination to fight with all you got.
You could try out adding an angel sa bottom right corner coming in the camera, naka sayad yung espada nya sa tubig at nakikita mo yung splatters. Plus, you kinda have a pincer attack formation going on here :slight_smile:

sige, banat lang nang banat at inom lang nang kape :bounce:


if i were you i’d go for the concept you just created. it strikes me as very compelling.