Spectacular 2D Entry: John Barry Ballaran


woderful design of magic casting!!I agree with Arc80 about another angle more powerful compos.just my opinion.good luck.:thumbsup:


Great new development my friend…could be some great oppitunities for lighting and colour…excellent work sofar :thumbsup:


wow… great sketchs!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!:bounce:


[li]Arc80: Pwede na ba? :slight_smile: Babalik ako dun sa dati kong concept, kuha nalang ako ng konting elements dito sa bago kong sketch. Parang nawawalan na nga ako ng gana sa concept nato e. Tnx for droppin by pre :thumbsup:[/li][/ul]
[li]xric7: Tnx for the opinion and comments. I’ll do my best to get the most awesome possible composition for the scene.[/li][/ul]
[li]element5: Yep, this concept is all about the explosive lighting. Glad you like the recent update, except Im going back to my last concept. Tnx.[/li][/ul]

[li]Ducklator: Tnx for checkin out my sketches man![/li][/ul]


hey, nice concept pre kakaiba, bkit ka nman nawawalan ng gana? hehehe. para skin yong una mong gawa ok skin un pagbutihin mo pa.


nice concept but iguess u really need a lot of patian for this pieces, i’ll be expecting ur work done.:slight_smile: love ur concept


[li]digitalhadz: Tnx for dropping by dude :scream: Sira parin kasi hanggang ngayon yung Wacom ko e, hindi ako makapaglaro ng strokes sa PS. Kaya tinatamad tuloy akong gawin to :shrug: Pero makukuha ko rin yung bwisit na Wacom nayun pinaayos ko lang :slight_smile: Type mo ba yung maka-langit kong concept? :slight_smile: Astig sana kayalang, kulang sa movement dun sa picture e. Parang masyadong “solemn” yung dating e. Try kong i-sketch out ulit ng masmaganda ng makita natin ng maayos :)[/li][/ul]
[li]kinonato: Sup man? :slight_smile: Tnx for checkin my thread out. I’m expecting to make it over the finishline too :scream: I’ll be taking a few elements from my last concept and put it in my previous concept. Glad you liked it![/li][/ul]


Hey ahbeejieh, the newest sketch might be a bit too spectacular, which kinda makes it less spectactular… lol does that make sense?
I’m wondering what kind of look you’re going for. The first image with the magic summon where everything was flat I liked best, since it felt like those ancient mosaics or tapestries, which give it a sense of an “old legend”. The second one was cool too, it had a feeling of a movie or more “modern” style of drama that came from cameras (dramatic angles and what not :)). Maybe once you figure out the mood and style you’re going for, you can make your design ideas work together better, since I think those are top notch.


this new one is cool too, the arrows really feel piercing, dunno if it’s the lighting or what…
good job …



looks great

i love the colours:thumbsup:


[li]aoisabaku: I feel somewhat like how you feel man. I can’t quite let-out what I’m really tryin’ to show you guys. Still working on some angles, story and color concepts to make this piece cooler than it’s opting to be. Got a few ideas, just gotta put them on paper when I find the mood. Tnx for your comments man. Hope you can check-in more in the future for more crits on my progress! [/li][/ul]

[li]Squibbit: Yep! The concept is all about the lighting man. Just hope I dont end up showing you guys only lights at the end of this contest. Really thinking on more ways for you guys to get involved with the story, the angle, the characters, the colors, the background… Loooooong way to go :slight_smile: Tnx for droppin in. [/li][/ul]
[li]calisto: Glad you like it calisto! Tnx for checkin’ my work out :slight_smile: [/li][/ul]


looks really spectacular pre :thumbsup:


Musta arkinet? Di ko pa nakikita entry mo dude a. Hataw na! :slight_smile: Tnx for dropping by tsong!


Great concept! It looks realy spectacular!:thumbsup: Waiting for more… Good luck


Hi Challengers! I’ve been too lazy to update my sketches lately. I dont like the feeling of getting left behind so here’s my new sketch.

I added bits and pieces from my previous concepts including the gates of heaven concept. Came up with a pretty solid story too… This is pretty long, please bear with me:

There once was this legend about an angel and a devil who wanted to end the neverending battle of the war between good and evil. They created a child and decided that she shall live in the world of men, a society that’s easily tempted by greed and corruption, and where great heroes are born.

The entities decided that they shall leave the fate of the world of men in the hands of men coz it’s only fair that they do so. And the key to man’s salvation or destruction will be their daughter.

The prophecy that came along with this legend was that on the eve of her 12th birthday, (i just thought of doubling the number of days that God took to create the world… Any ideas with this number thing? :slight_smile: she shall have the power to open either the Gates of Heaven to meet her Father, the angel… And with the Gates of Heaven open, all the power of heaven will be released to cleanse all evil in the world. But if the world influences her to go the other way, that is… to flood the Gates of Hell open to meet her Mother, then the world shall be embedded in chaos.

Now the daughter of the angel and the devil is one year away from her 12th year and the power that will enable her to open the gates is flourishing. The Wizards of the Brotherhood of Heroes felt this growth of power, and having foreseen the prophecy regarding this girl, sent 3 of their top heroes to guide her and protect her from the influences of evil. But the Sorcerers of the Black Lands, have also felt her presence… And taking no risks, sent an army to get her.

The Heroes got to her first and they started a journey towards the Temple of Light which was a one year voyage towards the end of the earth. That is where the Gates of Heaven shall open. They were but one step ahead of the army that was after them. And with that one year of running and hiding, she had learned to love and respect her Hero protectors. They had reached the Temple and at their dismay, found a second army of the Black Lands guarding the gates. They had no choice but to fight their way through coz they’re so close. They had managed to reach the pedestal wherein the girl will utilize her power to open the Gates of heaven… She had made it at the top but nothing was happening, she had no idea what to do next… She saw the her Hero friends were in trouble. The horde was closing in on them… And they were getting weary of the horde. Instinctively, she raises her hands and suddenly casts a mighty spell that summons some magical archers that bombard the horde with beautiful fury. It was the first time that she ever used her power… And she used it for good. That was the key to opening the gates of Heaven. The good guys always win man… That’s that :slight_smile:

We are all born with freewill, so we all have the tendency to do both good and evil things (LAVA WINGS,ANGEL WINGS). It does’nt matter whether there are a million people out there willing to stab you in the back and take you down just to get what they want(BLACK ARMY). Being with the few, right kind of people (HEROES), is how we’ll end up in the right place (Temple, Gates of Heaven).

Called it that coz everything in the pic seems to be pouring down. From the horde of the black army, the lava drops from the lava wing, the ruffled feather of the angel wings, to the elemental arrows of the archers.


Wazzup Hof? :slight_smile: Tnx for checkin’ my thread out. Hope you like the final concept that I just posted too.


Hope you guys checked out the story that goes along with this new sketch. If you havent, and got time to read, check it out in my challenge page. It explains this piece further.

Anyway, I made the main character into a girl to make it seem more spectacular that she’s the one who’s kicking ass in this scene of armies and warriors. She provides a kinda irony in the scene.

I also chose the icy blue thing and the fire/lava effect to represent good and evil. These two things cannot exist in their extreme states, but in this case, they’re working together. It’s human nature for us to do bad things and at the same time we’re all doing our best to be good.

I’m gonna add some kneeling statues of some angels in the background too. They’re supporting this big stucture with archs and their heads are gonna be tilted to the girl’s spell, make it seem like even they were astounded by the girl’s performance. I want everything in the scene to be pointing to what the girl’s doing.

I also added this glowing grid effect on the pedestal thing that the girl’s standing on… Im still trying to come up with a better design for this coz it looks too futuristic… But I think it’s pretty cool. What do you guys think?

I’m probably gonna use this composition since it’s got everything i want to show the viewers. We’ll see. Hope you guys crit and comment me. Tnx!


halo john. youve been busy :thumbsup:. interesting concept. will be keeping tabs as well. the color palette looks very interesting. hirit ko??

  1. you can add more foreground warriors right around shoulder level to give more depth
  2. yup the pedestal thing doesnt really go with the mood - glyphs/runes perhaps
  3. gusto mo b ogres or trolls kasama ng mga kalaban?



I guess i wont get my swordsmen after all :(… Never mind that, this looks great! I like the spell and how comes down like a tornado! Also like your story, polish it up a bit and it’ll be great!


[li]jugeras: Glad you checked out my thread dude :slight_smile: Glad you like the colors. I had planned for a more darker surrounding to make the light effect more striking, but that would show a lot less of the background. Hope I find a good balance with the lighting in regards to showing the environment, and making the light seem more spectacular. [/li][/ul] [ol]
[li]Shoulder level?.. Hmm… You mean like the guy in the foreground at the bottom of the picture wherein the picture cuts off on his shoulders? If I got that right, then I’ll draw more guys beside him. [/li][li]You’re right. Perhaps some glowing embossed or depressed figures of angels looking up at her or something. [/li][li]Ogres and trolls - some bigger creatures in the picture right? I thought of doing that but I wanted to make it seem like the horde’s having a hard time reaching the heroes. If there were bigger creatures, then the heroes arent very safe on the high ground they’re on and I wanna make it seem like moving up on this thing towards the girl’s the only chance of survival for the heroes. [/li][/ol] Tnx for the suggestions pre. I’ll just visit your thread once in a while to offer my own thoughts!

[li]FrozZT: Hi man. I want the sword dudes in the screen too, but I’m afraid it’s just gonna block off some stuff in the picture, push the horde out of the scene, and somewhat “steal the show” from the arrow chicks. But I’m glad you still like it :slight_smile: Any suggestions on how to polish up the story? Tnx for reading the that by the way :thumbsup: [/li][/ul]