Spectacular 2D Entry: Jens Rasmussen


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Another WIP


goodluck mate!:slight_smile:


Thanks! It’s a bit daunting with so many fantastic artist around - but really looking forward to emerging myself in a picture and taking my time on it! Also looking forward to seeing other peoples works & giving/receiving some good crits!
Hopefully it won’t go completely down the drains :slight_smile: - drains …hmm… no not very spectacular :slight_smile:


First composition test for the scene of the spectacular event the red square in Moscow. You can not see the spectacular event yet so stay tuned.


Well its early days and I think i’m scratching this idea again! The plan was to have a huge ufo land in the red square, but I’m already seeing a) a few other spacecrafty things around and b) problems with the composition as it will be difficult to portrait the scale of it.
So…mumble mumble…back the the sketchboard.


Good Luck! Overchord … All the best


well second idea for the challenge. Not sure if it will be too gloomy but the idea is the spectacular sight of a pod of pilot whales chugging along in the ocean on an otherwise miserable day.


@createmai - Thanks and the same to you! I’m really struggling with coming up with a concept that I’m happy with. Get all fired up about one idea, but then it seems to fizzle before the first sketch is roughed out - oh well plenty of time still :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


My third idea which is the one Im warming to now is a spectacular meal. A gigantic ornate table of foods being carefully monitored by the chef while waiters stack on more food. This is some character studies for the idea.


4th idea on the table. A little deepsea creature encouters another. Scales are not that clear in this 1st rough sketch, but the litte water flea - also known as a copepod - is only about 4-5mm in size, while the deepsea fish in the background is somewhat bigger.
The female copepod appear to be about to become a snack for the deepsea fish but she has just released her sac of eggs ensuring a future generation. Spectacular on a very small level.


Although idea4 seems a little simple with so few elements in the picture, each of the animals will need a lot of tweaking as they both have lots of spines. I am also thinking about darkining the fish further and then giving it bioluminscent organs along the side which might help add some mood. The front “copepod” needs a lot of colour-tweaking to give it a transparent look. I’ll cheat and let it be slightly illuminated even though this is going on deep, deep down in the ocean :slight_smile:

Any crits/comments/booh’s are welcome


in terms of composition - what would be the better option here:

  • Moving the fish a bit further to the left
  • Moving the fish up
  • or keeping it around where it is

I originally had it in lower right corner, but that tilted the balance completely.
I’m primarily concerned whehter there will be too much overlap between the copepod in front and the fish in the back - or toot litte overlap perhaps?? :banghead:

Any suggestions welcome :wink:


Hi Overchord:) I´d work the image of the abyssal fish. I´d make extremely large, going out of the depth and , perhaps, threatening a poor submarine. Or the same large fish threatening a ship underwater with people all over the place trying to survive (oh man, I´ll take the pill:curious: haha)

Good luck and work!:smiley:



Hi Gonzalo Golpe

Yeah that might actually be a neat idea, perhaps a slightly more side-view of the fish coming up from the deep with a view towards the surface where a ship is breaking up or something :slight_smile:
It would flip the scale of this other sketch and make it a bit more spectacular. Perhaps and old sailing ship - and them seeing of th the mythical sea creatures that there were so many stories about. Thanks for your ideas - will definetly be doing another couple of sketches before moving any further :thumbsup:


A new idea - which i think is a bit more spectacular. A firing squad has dragged a man out in the forest to execute him, but recieves unexpected company. We don’t know if this will be the salvation of the man - but surely the odds have turned a bit!


o boy do I love this concept, I think you’ll need to work a little to make a spectacular, but idea is there, very real, good luck dude, I love it :buttrock:


My goodness you have been busy! You have so many ideas and they all seem great to me. I like the deep sea creatures idea the best because of their spectacular nature and their dynamic feel. I also like Gonzalo’s ideas too of adding a threatened submarine into the image.


@Korline - Thanks, I’m thinking that this is the most “spectacular” one as well. It will need a lot of work and character studies as my figure skills will really be put to the test with the firing squad pretty close up. There also needs to be a lot more done to the environment, but hey it’s not called the Challenge for nothing :slight_smile:

@Lync - Thanks - yeah the number of concepts is also a reflection of how I’ve struggled with coming up with something that would fall properly into the spectacular theme.
I think i’m going with concept 5 rather than the deep-sea one. I tried out a couple of sketches with a submarine and the big deep-sea fish, but it didn’t really “click” - and I’ve seen quite a few deep sea themed sketches around now - not that it should deter anyone from amking another - but i struggled to make the deepsea scen more dynamic, but who knows - I may return to it if the other one falls apart :slight_smile:

[left]Thanks for the comments and good luck to you both![/left]


Oh, I find this latest concept hilarious, I think you ought to have a dinosaur behind the bear and a jumbo jet behind the dinosaur and a meteor shower behind the jumbo jet and intergalactic despair behind the meteor shower…now that would be Spectacular!!!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



@Rebeccak - Rotfl - yup - there might be a slight scaling issue - but that would indeed be spectacular!

Good luck to you too!