Spectacular 2D Entry: jason lynch


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Latest Update: Final Image: Wedding Crashers


hi i’m finally here i haven’t had much time and i finally got somthing i like , so here goes. I going to try to illustrate as best i can a couple of bitter women who go around dressed as brides crashing weddings chopping off the grooms wedding band hand and stealing the ring, but thats back story i’, relly goim=n to do them fleeing from the police in a high speed chase .

more on this later .

the work posted is incre4dible but i haven’t commented much, to much work during the day, good luck all


hey, jason welcome to the contest, hope to see some great stuff come from you holla!:thumbsup:


lineart done i did some on seperate pieces of paper scanned it then did the rest in photoshop, cropped a tilted it
for the action angle .


i’ll start colouring next .I did this get the right feel the for the contrast,
the shadows are not as dark as i might do them but thats enough for me to tell
its also a confidence booster.I’ll also fix the perspective on the bike and stuff , to stop it from looking like two bikes instead of one

any kinda comments welcome


ah nothing like girls with guns on a motorcycle… very cool concept. keep the updates comming :wink:


here is another stage i drew some paths for the bike shapes shaded then added hightlights.


here im just playing around with the back ground really but i’m lost


looking cool and sexy man


That’s a very good job so far lynch! congratulation i love your composition. the body language of your character look perfect i think…

Keep goin’on and good luck…i’ll come back see your next update.:thumbsup:


i trying somthing risky no doubt seeing as how its kinda late, but i think ilike this approach much better than the other,I gotten rid of the guns an such and related it to what its was really about, crashing the wedding.i was really batteling to get sketch explains it self as much as possible and despite the guns its so much more spectacular


is the bouquet being stolen? - nice touch. I definitely prefer this idea - great scope for shocked spectators.


i sensed this is gonna be great~judging from the line art~:thumbsup:dramatic


HAHA! Amazing face expressions! I just keep laughing when i look at the woman holding the ring and bouqet!! I just discovered shes kicking that guy, making her even more hilarious! Try to keep their expressions and poses as much as possible in your coloring and this will be great!


Nice update! It just keeps getting better and better!


finally real colour, I find when I go straight i get better results than when I try to paint everything just a little to sketchy . I guess I don’t quite have the colour sketch thing down yet. any way more to come


thanks for the encouragement i need it


my colors are coming out funny anyone know the correct rgb setting to do this


hey i think it looks fine here,i like it warm~:)


i really don’t think the colors ar comming out funny…it looks so coooolllll:cool: wow…thati is off the scale character quality…they look so realistic…:drool: :bowdown: i can’t stop drooling:drool: