Spectacular 2D Entry: Guo Jian


totally love this idea - what a cute approach and a wonderful realisation :slight_smile:


awsome image !


Hi! The very beautiful idea! I really like the atmosphere and the mood! The great characters!


Looks excellent!
love the details,

well done!:thumbsup:


Fantastic work! I like idea very much, clouds are excellent. Now it is much better without strange flags :thumbsup:


The fantastic picture, very interesting plot and good details)


very beautiful work, i love the universe and your choice of colors ! probably one of the best 2D picture of the challenge…:slight_smile:


Well done Guo Jian!

I love your artwork, so many different planes put together so deftly. The grey background is beautiful and the characters are exquisite[/drool]


Gorgeous, and brilliant image, best of luck!


Final product looks good! Good Luck!


really enjoying all the little plays on light, very nicely done imagery


Hey Guo Jian! Is that the final image? Make no mistake, I think it looks great and I could tell you added more depth and the giants on the foreground really became the centre of focus with warmer tones and better contrast. Excellent work…but then, what happened to the sky on the top left corner. Is is my monitor or what, why has it become totally grey? Please add some colour to it as it looks like the colour has mysteriously been washed away.

Sorry if I sound too direct and impolite, but it’s only because I really like your work a lot!

  • Patrick


This is spectacular indeed! Awsome style!

I love it :thumbsup:


Hi, congratulations for your image final, really cool,
good luck.
E.T :cool:


I love this image…

I love the stylisation of the environment and the characters are hilarious. And the scale of the giants is perfectly explained by the ‘normal’ people around the scene.

Good luck in the judging!


wow! I love this. Wonderful painting, congrat’s on finishing nice work!


thats really so impressive concept and really effected me…
seeing different works like this, is so nice…
good luck…


I love this one! Good luck for you.


Ralf Stumpf


Fantastic image :applause: and great idea :thumbsup:

Good luck for the final vote :bounce:


Looks great. One of my favorites so far.