Spectacular 2D Entry: Guo Jian


like this work. I don’t know if it is enough spectacular for the challenge but me i love it.
Great details on clouds. congratulations.


damn… I forgot that I already comment ur last update… sorry bout that :slight_smile:


woah, great image:eek: excelent detail level… keep it up!:thumbsup:


that’s…great! beautiful work mate!:applause:


wow that is awsome , love the detail, but I do agree with the castle cloud that is to sharp, and it’s jumps into the foreground :slight_smile:
everything else is great :applause:


congrats for getting to your final colouring. Your use of colour is beautiful and brings the whole picture alive. I love the story, and the line work and the composition and pretty much everything :slight_smile: Great, spectacular, work! :thumbsup:


this kicks butt man great work


I think I lost the line art milestone…can I reload it??
so I reload it…you canjust skip it.haha


another coloring adjust,and I flip over the cavans to see the wrong place…


WOW, that feels really different !
Not really sure which is better :eek:

oh, really cool work btw :thumbsup:


cool work, rich and detailed, really pro : congrats !
My fav from you. :wink:


Wow! your work is amazing! So many details. Your piece is gorgeous! I like your style!

So the only thing left to me is to wish you a big good luck with this final piece.

And congratulation! you rock! :applause:


best one so far… by my count at least. going to be hard to match you but i shall try :stuck_out_tongue:




Great work, love it! :D:D


Very nice work you did there, I love your style very nice :thumbsup:


Lovin’ your style tyin! I love the mixture in tone and scale. the cloud giant is a nice touch! Spectacular!


This is a lovely picture, has a nice feel to it…well done


Wow, that’s a cool picture !! I love that mood ! Nice work …


for me this is the best 2d in this challenge
good luck