Spectacular 2D Entry: Guo Jian


awesome work!! great style, i would reallly like a pic like this as a poster in my room (is there any chance? :D) .
good luck with that man :thumbsup:


Very,very cool technic for the hair I’ll have to try that


i like your work so much. wery good style and idea. congratulations. and good luck…


:bounce::bounce::bounce:no words for u… is it finished??


Excellent Work Guo Jian!

Nice characters and overall atmosphere and design! A children’s book illustration style is always a winner for me!

However, I do have a crit, or a question rather:

The foreground giants seems to be the most interesting part of the painting, but however, my eyes are involuntarily drawn to the giant in the background on the left. I think this is because the overall contrast of the piece is very even and the characters in the bg lack some depth. Maybe you can add a bit of fog in the bg? Just a suggestion, hope you don’t mind.

Again, thanks for coming up with such a great piece!


nice picture!


The giddiness of the Giant with glasses up front is coming on to me. Congrats Guo Jian. Bull’s eye on the mood with this one. Love it a lot! Goodluck.


Great execution! Looks awesome!


Wooow :eek:
I have to admit that so far, this in my favorite so far.
Great job!


oh my gosh this is so lovely! how could i miss it for this long! wonderfull painting with such a great style, loving it!:love:

keep up the great work, cna’t wait to see your next update!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Hey Man,

This is freakin amazing! Nice work your lighting and Idea is just awsome.
How long did it take you to get it to this point?
so much detail, I’m diggin it.

Good luck!


Beautiful painting!

:applause: :applause: :applause:


Great illustrative style. Right now it looks like something youd see in a fairy tale, id like to see some indications of the past civilization in there, maybe one of the patches on the giant’s shoulder is a radioactive of biohazard sign? I like seeing a little something dark going on in a painting like this.

Keep it up.


Excellent work, congratulations. Regardless of the results of the challenge thank you for making this great picture.


Your work look’s great! So many details!
I’m very impress with your style.

Good Work! :applause:


hi there! I think this is just beautiful! but I have one suggestion… the cloud castle on the left is too sharb at the moment I think. After all its somewhere way back but it doesnt looks like its there. Coz of its familliar structure and its sharpness it comes directly to the front and brings too much attention. In some of the previous submissions I think it was just right blury and somehow misty. I’d keep that. other than that, its great! Love the image :slight_smile:


Guo Jian, that is most spectacular!. i am stunned by how complex this image is…and that really is all i have to say :rolleyes:.hehehe…if it’s finished?



Great piece, lots going on, wonderful colours. My only worry is that the giants seem to get bigger the further away they are from the viewer, so the giants in the foreground are small compare to the others (edit: unless the guy holding the scroll is much bigger than the other people?)


Hi tyin. Funny paint. Looks great Nice piece.

xbo :scream:


beautiful. Hope you don’t mind but your image has been my desktop for a few days! :slight_smile: