Spectacular 2D Entry: Guo Jian


Great work! I will follow it till the end.

Thumbs up.


Really beautiful work so far! I’m loving the colors, the character design… everything! I know you’re probably not there yet, but eventually, some more atmostpheric hazing or the hint fo fog to push some of the background elements more into the background could help. Good luck!



GREAT character work! They have their own style and feeling. The colors are warm and inviting, yet odd and interesting. Keep it up


Oh man, now thats nice!

What a great image. I love the soft blue youve chosen for your sky and I think your color choices overall compliment the scene nicely. Everything seems well thought out and your layout is solid. I really dont have a crits at the moment… what you have done so far, in my opinion, is excellent.


Very nice work!

I dont know should you widen the canvas at all, but some more depth would do the pic justice.
But it is only a wip and i know you will make it look brilliant :thumbsup: i meant spectacular!


I think its no need to widen the canvas… everything is just as it should be if u ask me. MAybe something nice and interesting to the left upper side, but thats it… something to balance the pic a bit and make the eye traveling thru the whole image. Keep up the good work!


this is quite a sigt. very well executed. i will keep an eye out for your updates :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


very good work…needs more of the little people, i think, gathered
around to wonder at the giants… maybe behind some fences
that separate them from the construction site so they don’t
wander where the giants might accidently step on them



gosh,thunderous progress mate~looks great so far~:thumbsup:


hi! i have enter the final step of the coloring!most of the elements of the pic hve been settleed in their right palces!!
I add the cloud_giant to enlarge the lovely existance!
and more light to the front man…
next steps I think is to add more little people to surround the giants…
will it be more complex??
c&c welcome!!
love you all!


Cool! Looks very warm well done, Good luck!


Looking good! There are so many nice touches, like the castle in the clouds. And everything else of course!

My first instinct looking at this latest shot was, noticing thjat you took out the trees that were sketched in on the sides, which served as a great compositional framing. But now that I’ve looked at it more - it didn’t need them. They made the giants look smaller, and so the theme works better now. Still, it could use a little more room on the very top to let the composition breathe a bit more and to avoid the tangent with the top of the building and the top of the frame.

Compositionally, the only other point that I’d bring up is that the whole left side of the image is really quite empty. I can think of a few suggestions: Crop the image more… Add another giant on the left side of that sunlit filed there (maybe sitting down, leaning against a mountain?) How about a crown od villagers in the very low left? It fits your goal of adding more real people for scale, as well as fills up that left side nicely! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, just a suggestion. Great work, I want a large print of it when you’re done! :wink:



Incredible composition guo jian! very nice and really sweet light good luck 4 the little persons…it’s a good idea too!


Great idea, great characters, excellent composition and lights… man…


adding more little people around the giant will be perfect!
Go on!! :buttrock: Go on!!!


That’s just lovely!!

I’m in a bit of a rush so i can’t crit! I’ll come back later if i can!

fab progress!!


It’s a wonderfull pic, the lighting is very good, i wait the suite


Love this farie0tale style !

Maybe you can ad some deep by aplying some distance fog.

good work !


Wonderful! I just love the front giant.


you have a nice Idea! and smooth-running skill in illustrations. good luck xiao guo.:slight_smile:


that is very nice illustration, fine job :bounce: :buttrock: