Spectacular 2D Entry: Guo Jian


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Latest Update: Final Image: the giants to build a dream on


:bounce::bounce: hehe,more than happy to hve u here,i’m prepared with ur mindblowing entry!:thumbsup:good luck tyin~


it is my idea: our world full of huge spectacular arachitectures…how they can be built in such a savarge age? It must be a huge powerful and artistic kind to make it out!!
what funny if we found the nine wonders were created by the giants!!
so i have the desire to paint the idea!!


some main characters design…


looks cool dude !¨



I am beginning to color my painting…from my lovely giant…


Oh NO, You are in too!

I love your work man, you are one of my favourite artists on CGtalk.
It will be very hard win this challange when you are here.

Your idea looks great, I like characters.
Good luck! :thumbsup:


wow you! good luck!


keep going and drawing!!


Great concept, keep 'm coming! :thumbsup:


Hi tyin. Really interesting idea man. Very storybook like. You’re working pretty fast, you’re some kinda giant too in executing your visions. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


great damm style! i like it, i’m really looking forward to saw the finish pic :slight_smile:


Feels like its for one of those classic storys like those you loved as a child… love it!


hehehe… great characters and ur famous style :slight_smile: good luck and keep up with great work man! I’ll stay in touch and follow ur thread with pleasure!


I like the style of your work!
The giants are cool!
Keep up!

Good luck!:thumbsup:


add the right parts of the pic…and castle!!
may be I will extend the canvas more wide??haha


Dang that’s looking awesome man! wonderfull concept, love it, gotha keep watching this one!


This is looking great! Very nice progress. One tiny suggestion, hit the scroll guy with a bit more light to call attention to him?


wow! first time i see this …it looks great :thumbsup:


awesome work so far, certainly a spectacular image. sorry, but at this stage i don’t have any crits. can’t wait for more though :thumbsup: