Spectacular 2D Entry: francisco ruiz velasco


francisco ruiz velasco is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: teddy wayne and the squid monkeys


here’s my pencil sketch, really sketchy


here’s the line art. I redraw everithing to fit the format I wanted and added some lement in the background to make it more interesting.


this is the color basic plasters. I also changed the color of the lineart to dark red. later on when all shadows are ready I’ll mix it with the colors. with the smudge tool in photoshop.


here I finish the shadow tones, as you can notice I already smudge the robot in the background.
next step will be the lights.


the image is almost ready. as you can see I added lights and shines in those squid tentacles.


Cool image!


here’s the final coloring. maybe I’ll add some grain in the final image and adjust the color balance.


I just added a litle bit of grine and djust color curves a little bit.


sweet… gotta love squid pirates attacking bears… once again a bad ass peice of work my friend!


hi hi

Good stuff you’ve got there, you’ve pulled off something with expression and style. :thumbsup:


Nice, stuff, I like it! Nice compo and nice everything, I mean wow!:thumbsup:


i just notice this~the whole thing started and ended today?looks pretty intense though.goodluck to u :slight_smile:


I think he did it over the weekend and posted the images today…not totally sure tho, I am sure he will chime in later.



the color is so warm yet violence cute!

i like tos bullets holes on Squid! Bloody Cool~>…!!!


Yeah, I almost give up on this and then I decided to finish it this last weekend.


Excellent picture. Love the cartoon style which is really rare in this challenge. Too bad you have not show some wips before, cgtalkers could have help you improve the quality of it to make it perfect.
Anyway I love it.


I saw this and the title made me laugh. I think it’s groovy, well done. :thumbsup:


Nice. It looks really good. I like your use of motion blur.


Loving that movement in the blooddrops and letting go of the sword/knive…
Great style and great concept… Good luck! :thumbsup: