Spectacular 2D Entry: Ferdinand D. Ladera


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hi all, first time here in the challenge.

Ok, here’s my concept sketch based on a true event, my own interpretation of the first major battle of the Philippine Revolution Aug. 30, 1896 lead by Andres Bonifacio the father of Katipunan.


Wow, this looks awesome!!! Good luck to you!!! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



:slight_smile: thank you…


Kumusta kabayan,

Naks, good choice on the subject. Haven’t revisited the history of PI for a while.
Will be looking forward to this one. Sige kayod lang, hehe.



nice going digitalhadz~a good start,gonna be a rough ride on the paint job~hehe:scream:play around more with the angle,a dramatic angle would best suit for this


@Arc80, thanks pre ok lang ako, eto first time here in the challenge so sana makayanan ko. :lol: good luck to you pal.

@sh@ke, :smiley: thanks man…


Love the sketch. Looking forward to see this one progress.

Good luck with your entry.


WOW! I love of detail! Can’t wait to see it in color!:arteest:
Carl Carl :cool:


Beautiful sketch…your sketching ability really points to a great piece!


Nice line work, good luck to ya, holla!:thumbsup:


Hi, your drawing is very promising, I like!!!


wow ,yeh my concept is kinda inspired by old classical war art like this aswell.great work.


woohoo… this looks so good… love all the details… good luck!!!


Wow, you’re going to need 3 months to finish all of that! :scream:

But it’s looking nice. Only thing I’d say (and this is really hard to comment on without seeing where you’re going with color) is that this might turn out to be a bit flat. Depth-wise, that is: Perhaps some stronger perspective and aspects of the piece closer in the foreground might help that, but that also might not be what you’re going for. Anyhow, good luck with it!



Ok, i finished the concept sketch, now clean up and add some minor changes and fixed the perspective b’coz its look kinda flat.

thanks to walrus for the crits really appreciated. :slight_smile:

and thanks also to everyone for the comments. :slight_smile:


uf! that will be some detailed pic! spectacular for sure if u will manage to finish it. Im looking forward to see the progress!


Susmaryosep dude. Ang tindi ng details nitong pic mo a :stuck_out_tongue: First time mo? Hehe… First time ko rin dude, goodluck satin! I dont think you need to change the angle at all pare. Yeah, it looks flat, pero sa details naka-focus yung idea mo, hindi naman sa "dynamic feel’ nitong piece mo e. Heto yung mga tipong piece na isasabit mo sa bahay, at maa-appreciate ng mga bata pati narin ng mga lolo’t lola. I mean, maintaining this angle will preserve it’s “oldschool” appeal pare, which suits the subject. Pero try out some new angles parin, it wont hurt anyone to see and try. I love this piece already. Sa iyong mga kamay nakasalalay ang history ng Pinas! Goodluck! :thumbsup:


Looks really good. like the style and composition.


hey nice tidal wave of detail, happy coloring!