Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Progression of the setting color on the decorations, I worked
on the statue of the lion and the foliages. there remains to me
architecture and the sky to be finished.


amazing work eric, Sky and clouds and the architecture, next huh? Keep at it!:thumbsup:


hey man, i love your painting, is very simbolic and is so well done, is amazing. i only have to say, when i saw the image the first time i didnt notice the right front leg of the horse. or the manhorse, whatever jeje, idont know english… well i was thinking that maybe you can put some kind of fill light there or something on the borders of those legs of the front, maybe on the hair. you know, how looks the hair when the lights come behind it… would be cool and will help to make the legs more visible.

see you later man, see my thread please and give me some critics, i see that you can have some advices for me. you are a great artist. have fun!!!


This is really coming along. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


This is a fantastic picture. Great work mate.
I was thinking about painting in greyscale and adding colour later, just don’t know which technique is best for me. Need to practice and see.
I love all the textures, rock, hair, clouds… It’s all great! Well done.


Bea tiful painting, I love the graphic style and txtures.


Here the installation of the color as a whole finished, I will
now be able to look further into the details which will be visible in
the maximum resolution or when I would make an impression in large
size, I would post zooms for shown the differences, I go then create
the Hercules character that I would like to see in my painting with


Very good painting as we always get it from u. Ur details r so amaizding and u r still planing to add them some more? huh… awesome… I wish I would have ur patience for this :slight_smile: Waiting for more, so good luck :slight_smile:


great stuff so far, till the next update, 12 days left!:thumbsup:


This has some crazy detail about the best I have seen. Only coment is color it dosnt feel right I dont know.


One of the last stages to finish my painting consists in
looking further into the definition of the details, here a part of
painting to the maximum of its resolution before and after this work,
I also adjusted the color a little.


A second part of my painting to the maximum of its resolution
before and after this work,


Here painting as a whole after this work of completion, with this size
of image (150 Kb) have practically do not smell a difference with the
version of front, but if I makes an impression on large sizes there
will be really a difference. It remains to me now with creates the
character of Hercules whom I wish to see appearing in painting in far.


It’s a really awesome piece Eric - so detailed and refined. Really great style too.

The only thing that detracts is a lack of imagination - particularly compared to your own Space Opera entry.

Still among the best entries I’ve seen though.


Creation of the character of Hercule, it will be really very
small in painting as I show it here to the maximum of his resolution
and to his size of impression it this will locate on rambarde at far
in the landscape.


Where will this character be placed at, Congrats on the image though, good luck eric!


Here my Hercule character finished with the progressions of
the colors, before its incorporation on painting final.


Painting to finish with the integration of the character of
hercules, I also worked a texture on all the image and added a little


Dejanire to the maximum of the resolution


A part on the Nesus character to the maximum of the resolution.