Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Progression of the colors, I worked on the centaur Nesus, the
woman is not finished.


Thank you, for your last supports, I think of finishing the woman for
this evening.
E.T :cool:


geniues detail, perfect light, but i have poblem with overall composition,it looks like
the idea is gonna swim of the picture,I might be wrong, but that what I see
have fun with that :bounce:


Congratulations Eric! very good work! I love especially the background composition!! Amazing work man, like always!! can wait to see the coloring version.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


The setting colors finished on my characters.


Some details of work to the maximum of the resolution.


gosh!with such details,u r fast!:bowdown:


Agree!: Great details and fantastic speed of working :bowdown:


I was wondering when you’re going to do the next sharply detailed image.

This is a great one, one of the top images in this challenge.

You rock, dude. :thumbsup:



Great start on color! Outstanding detail as always!


Progression of the setting color on the decorations,
I worked on the foreground.


Bravo! You are kicking ass and taking names!


Beautiful work, eric. This is a very classy piece.
I love the sharp detail, but I think the focus should be softened in places, like the rocks. I think it competes too much with the figures. Keep it up.


Very nice. Only one thing that bothers me it looks like your showing too much of her breast/ribcage compared to her back.


wow, first impression is very good. but as zpapageo said, there are too many
things important in this piece. i mean the level of detail is great but the
viewers attention has to be more controlled.
greetings and don’t get me wrong. it’s a beautiful and powerful piece !


Progression of the setting color on the decorations, I worked
on the rocks of the bottom, like front the statue of the lion. I do
not seek to imitate a photo objective which would like that the bottom
is fuzzier and less detailed, but rather a vision like those of
primitive Flamants of the 1400 century or each part of painting is
neat to appreciate it by far, like very very ready one.


Splendide eric!Very beautiful job, i’m going to say the same thing like botho81 and zpapageo said (too many details) but by thinking and viewing your job ( in totality), it seems to be your style. i mean, by putting details and details you’ve found your own style Eric. en + de ça c’est bien maitrisé!!! So…keep goin’on Eric that rocks!!:thumbsup:


I love those colors and textures on your work, great stuff dude, keep doin’ tha damn thang!:thumbsup:


WOW! Beautifull!


haha completement dingue!
crazy details everywhere really great work here!!congrats!