Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


Nice detail and texture. It will be nice when you start working in the color. Great work


Eric…great piece! This last detail really shows of your mastery of painted texture. You rule, dude!


Nice update eric, keep at it!


Hi, thank you for the last supports, I hurry to finish my drawing to
today begin the colors quickly, sorry not to take part more in the
thread, I am too occupied with my commands to make my participation in
the challenge more. or it remains me little of time.
E.T :cool:




Your work is gorgeous, and etched with delicate details. Hopefully the month remaining will be enough time for you to finish. No need to spend too much time posting explainations. Please just use the time to paint! Work this beautiful in monotone should generate a long ovation when flooded with color.



Eric, I’ve already said how much I like your work.
But I have some doubts with the backgroung.

1st: it’s a bit too fussy, especially behind the woman, and unless in the colouring you make a clear distinction of the foreground characters and the backround, I feel the bg robs from the centaur&woman…

2nd: those stone/rubles don’t seem to fit in the enviroment you’ve made, with the sculpures, palace aggrandisement etc…

Just my $0.2


The work of the drawing and volumes is now completed, I am to
apply as well as possible to this stage so that the colors which will
come is to work then like glacis on various copies. I surely will add
Hercules with far prepare his arrow to kill Nesus.


Fantastic work and detailing Eric! Sometimes I feel like I want to see more water, but maybe that’s just me. All in all this is a great piece of artwork.



It’s beautiful work, Tranchefeux! Lovely textures and lighting… and everything! I love the rendering on the woman’s back… but there’s also something bothering me about her. Hope you don’t mind my pointing this out, but it seems to me like her head is much too small for her body, and her lrgs pehaps too long? It seems to me as though if you were to extend those legs and picture her standing up, she would be at least 9 heads tall!

Just my opinion, but I thought it might be helkpful to point it out before you get to coloring. Good luck!



simply amazing :eek:

the details are exquisit man… AND U LIKE STEVE VAI TOO!
I will begin to study Jazz guitar in two years. Steve was a huge influence on me.
Some songs are pretty nasty to play :smiley:
Keep up the great work…I love your pictures.



your work is just… breathtaking. really. I’m very very very impressed. If I am to crit anything it would be the breast of the girl, her hair and the horse’s tail. The breast I’d give mayby a bit higher? I’m not sure, but something is wrong with it. Hair and the tail - they look as they didn’t belong to the body and ( I’m not sure how to say that) the part of hair being further from the body was growing out of the hair itself not from the body. for example look at the tail. at the very beginning it’s very thin, but then it turns into huge brush. Where is all this hair from? However the picture is reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllly amazing. good luck!


Now I begin the colors with copies which is over my drawing
what enables me to seek my hues without touching with the drawing,
this process is rather fast, because all the work of the details is
already to realize, the stages following will consist in enriching the
colors until the final result gradually.


this is just priceless~:thumbsup:best of luck eric!


Beautiful pic.

I wish you good luck for this challenge, friend


Amazing Forrest My Man


Nice coloring, I like soft colors :wink:


Beautiful work on the horse !
I’ve been drawing my first horse today, and now I can understand what it means.


nice work greattttt figureeeeeeeeeeeeeE:bounce:


this is just beutifull! The details of background are so good … you realy fond the right style for this epic entry.

I think that this is my fav for this challange!


Nice to see that you have color in this, great stuff so far!:thumbsup: