Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


wow… excellent image… looks great… keep it up man:thumbsup:


I am itching to know what kind of paper texture and brush did you use to create those rocks! PM me if you have the time! Great stuff so far!:thumbsup:


Hi! I really like your painting! The great composition! And only one. In my view, the girls expression is too tranguil and indifferent to the happening event! I wish you good luck!


Nice Rocks

Looking Well Done

Keep It Up…i’m A Fan


I always marvel at the insane amount of detail in your image, Great Textures!


wow very cool and awesome design! I’m always fascinated by anything related to greek mythology.

one thing however, is that the centaur looks like he is only standing on one leg, something I have never seen a horse do, or think is capable of doing. maybe both hind legs, or hooves should be on the ground?


Continuation of the progression of the drawing and volumes on
the decorations.


thats insanely overwhelming details eric.!great effort mate!this will rock big time:thumbsup:


WoW, Amazing details. Centaur looks great, especialy his skin and “armour” :applause:


nice pic but i thought spectacular instructions say within the realm of reality i can understand space ships and and maybe somthing that could exist but mythical creatures are just that…mtyhs

but nice details


nice details on your main subject and foreground, you are obviously a good illustrator. will you add more colors or remain as it is.

hope you wont let the background so unfinish:)





wowwonderful picture~I so love this painting~very very nice workkkkk~~~:bounce: :bounce:


wow. NIce !
Good horse anatom and , nice stones !


WOW! amazing work so far, cant wait for color!!


This painting is absolutly awesome!!!:thumbsup:


Continuation of the progression of the drawing and volumes on
the decorations.


Details of work.


Nice anatomy on the lion!


Intense amount of detail overal, good job.