Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Tranchefeux


There you are!

very powerful character expressions. Great work.

Are you going to overpaint your pencil drawing (like your cat picture) or will it be a part of the finished image like in the previous challenges?




great work, gret detailing and i love the characters.
really impressive work :thumbsup:


nice anatomy. I’ll see what comes out of this one.


Man, this is shaping up really good, really fast. I am not sure about the angle of her breast, but other than that it truly is spectacular!


Eric, I really like your work.:slight_smile:
This entry is reminding the “old masters” of rennaisance, and I like your approach.
The contrast between the fragile woman and the bold and massive centaur.
A note about the muscles on the back:
although this is a fantastic animal so the anatomy and muscle topology can afford to differ from the humans a bit, the right side is not the same with the left one.
Especially in the lower traps before the dorsals, it has to become more consistent on each side.
I prefer the left side.
(Have looked up any bodybuilding photos were they use these poses?)
Also his left arm veins are a bit too obvious, like branches, maybe you can smooth some places in, so they blend more with the arm.

I love the detail and the textures.
Womans head maybe a bit bigger?
Horse is awesome.
Keep up, man:thumbsup:


Hey, Famous Eric Tranchefeux is here :wavey:

I like your original style, remminds me fantastic old school works. Nice idea, I like centaur design very much, most fantastic is how you painting muscles. I look foward to see another masterpiece from you, keep working :thumbsup:


Striking piece Eric, and the gurl is simply too sweet. his spearhand actually looks a slight bit too small, hollow or not gripping the spear, maybe a decent lightup on the contours of his inside of his hand (that sss blabla and fresnel thingy :p) the thumbpart of the palm (venushill?) or the fingers in the shadowarea solve that.

Hope those refs come handy to u. keep up your great work mate !


I am amaze by your sence of details. Good job!

Ton style est vraiment inspirant. Continues ton bon travail.

Bonne chance!:thumbsup:


Beautiful drawings Eric, as usual. Hope you can finish it all in time and with the quality you want, I’m really impatient to see it finished. Keep up the great work mate!:thumbsup:


Details of work.


For the rock, like for the characters I work enormously in
painter 9, which is the version that I prefer by his large fluidity, I
use textures of papers for creates details of rock quickly that I mix
with the keys of brushes that I melts.


Great work, so inspiring. 2 thumbs up.


That’s really impressive. Nice poses and great ambience.


damn it… man now i am going to have to work all week end long again to match this.

grr! you make me angry… but its a good angry that promotes competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

runs off to draw


Work in fantastic execution! Good Luck!


I continue the work of the drawing and of volumes always by
using painter 9 with paper textures for quickly creates details and
keys of brushes which I mix,


Details of work to the maximum of the resolution.


now you sholud color it :>


Hi, All, thank you for the last supports and comments, I continue my
painting and I the turbo one puts so not, I am afraid not to finish in
In the spectacular kind, Steve Vai was in concert Saturday in
Paris and really it is enormous it is a alien.
@ + for continuation
E.T :cool:


great work,is it gunna be in full colour,or u gunna keep it monotoned?

one thing that bothers me is the girls hair,it looks stiff.