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Latest Update: Final Image: Nesus and Déjanire


Great to see you join :slight_smile:
Good luck, even if I know you won’t need any.


Good Luck Eric, glad to see you in!


late bird huh?! well make with the images mang. :smiley: :wip: :wip: :wip:


Nessus and Déjanire

Resulting from mythology Greek, the history tells that Hercules
after are victorious combat against crystallized Archeloos his
Déjanire wife with the Nessus Centaurs so that it helps it to cross a
river, But this last tomb in love with the girl and tries to remove
it, following that, Hercules kills the Centaur of an arrow, But before
dying Nessus will give a little its blood to Déjanire allowing him to
make a filter suitable to ensure the love to him eternal of his
Hercules husband.

This topic of mythology was treated by many artists through the

I want since long time to treat this topic which interests me by its
content passion and these graphic possibility.

My scene is held close of the Louvre in decorations of ruin, or the
heroes of these legends take again life again to play the scene and to
show us our passions.


Hi Tranchefeux, good to see you join us!

What a powerful start you’ve made too, though I must say the first thing I thought of when I saw it was Frank Frazetta’s 1974 cover to The Moon Maid. :shrug:

I really liked your space opera pic, it was one of my favourites, a very unique style. Your master and servant entry was good, though I felt it to be a bit evenly busy all over and I think the same thing is happening here, though I know it’s a very early stage. I find the shapes of the centaur and woman are really struggling to emerge from the very busy background, so maybe you need to make sure your value blocks are better separated - the girl’s dress seems to merge with the rubble in the background for instance. Another thing would be to make sure that you only put a lot of detail and texture into the primary areas of focus, something Frazetta was a master of and something I always try to keep in mind.

Good luck with the challenge! :thumbsup:


Welcome dude, glad to see that u have entered this contest good luck with your entry, holla!:thumbsup:


very good start, the anatomy of the characters is very good… all i can say is that even for a sketch it’s a beautiful work… good luck man i will keep an eye on your work :slight_smile:
your other challenges entries are really great and very unique, so i have an expectation from this one too :wink:


I really like your work!

I’ll keep an eye on it 'till the final result!

Good luck!:thumbsup:


Good to see you back, Tranchefeux! I’ve always liked your work, and your GSO entry was incredibly original.

This one… not so much so far, but hey, it’s only your first post, there’ll be time for tons more. As for crits, can’t think of anything to say that Speaky didn’t cover above. Especially the Frazetta comparison.

Good luck for the continuation, and have fun!



i think there are a few tweak you need to work out around the hands area… but man… i feel for you… at least when yous tart doing that water :frowning: holy crap that’s going to be a head ache. :stuck_out_tongue:


hey eric,glad to have u back ~man i wish u luck in the challenge~a very great start,i’ll just sit back and enjoy the progress :thumbsup:


Hi, rich and detailed picture once again !
However the composition doesn’t seem really “spectacular”, a bit too centered for me.
But on the other hand, your textures are spectacular… Let’s see the finish !
Good luck !


Kemar; Thank you compatriot for large talents, I like much your
painting and his architecture.

Jose Pardo: Thank you your supports you.

Speaky: Thank you for your comments, yes I know the painting of
Frazetta or it with represented the centaur and Déjanire, that would
not astonish me that it it is inspired him even of this history of
mythology Greek, and that it is desired to give its version of this
topic taken again much and represented by many artists before him. In
spite of the a little similar spirit of its painting, by the dynamics
of the diagonal one which was for me best the option, my realization
will be different and will keep the style between primitive Flemish
and Baroque which I love so much.

Beelow; Thank you for the comment.

ori@r.a.m; Thank you for the comment

cyberarts: Thank you for your encouragements.

wairus; Thank you for the comment and your encouragements.

Slavic: Thank you for the comment

sh@ke; Thank you for the follow-up.

Arctis: Thank you for the comment


Now I begin the basic work of the subjects, I started with
Déjanire by improving the drawing and work about it volumes the best
possible one a color, I have to rout my character for more precision.


So it seems that you have come here to humiliate me with your skills :eek:

Everything seems great, but ease down with the back muscles of the centauri. Do some soft areas also. Emphasize muscles that normally grow big not all tiny muscles to get better real feeling.

Female looks great and so does the drapery she has.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


the concept alone is beautiful, even with it being just a preliminary view on the scene. But with the hashed out details of the woman, I can see your final pieces details will be nothing less than the beauty she contains in her single work. I love it, incredible detail, smooth. very nice indeed.


Nice stuff so far, great drapery and figure of the woman, you may need to fix the foot it seems a bit awkward! Be back lata!:thumbsup:


Work of the drawing and volumes on the Nessus centaur.


Large plan on Nessus.