Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


Great image, I never expected you to finish this, a lot of detail in this image good luck!:smiley:


excellent image ! you done it! very great detail and emotional image too! good job , hope you finished on time !


This is coming along nicely. And, man, you’re quick!

This is defintely in my top three. Good luck, man!


Very beautiful image!!:thumbsup: Good luck to you!


Just looking for some feedback before I post my ‘final image’. Bascially I just added some more detail, souls, corpses, and a little vegetation.


It’s awesome. It is a beautifully polished piece.

Well done!:thumbsup:


You are the winner man! :]


Story: The beauty of the dead bird’s ascending soul is all that the immortal mechanical monkey sees. He is unable to comprehend death - innocently fascinated with what happens when you squish little fuzzy things.

Basically, I wanted to create an image that gave a little tug to one’s emotions. A glimpse of the monkey’s blissful and innocent disregard for life contrasted against the darkness of his actions and the apparent lack of a concious. He unable to comprehend death - seeing everything as an eternal infant.

With a bit of feedback from my wife and friends, I decided to remove the small tree (it was too distracting), and shorten the image a bit - there was a lot of dead space above the focus.

I really appreciate all the guidance and encouragement. Hope you enjoy it, I did.


It is already good enough,I think adding more detial is meaningless,is detail enough
my suggestion is adding some blue reflection on the robots head, and that should be perfect
anyway thats really a awesome piece,amazing skill dude:)


A great pic! Congratulations!

I really love the texture work on the robot - very effective. :thumbsup:


Glad to see this finished. Congratulations and best of luck!


good luck , this one will be one of the finalists for sure.


Congratulations with this amazing image. It’s definitely one of my favourites. :thumbsup:



I just read your thread…congratulations on your marriage and finishing the challenge :beer:

This is a beautiful piece, one of the best in the challenge in my opinion. Your technique is impecable but what really gets me is the emotion you manged to portray. I really is a striking image.

Theres not much I can say that hasnt been said already. Good call on removing the small tree although I think you would have been ok with the overall length since the souls floating upwards would have made it ok. Either way, I think your final image is outstanding and definitely merits serious props. Awesome work! - Joel


:applause: amazinggg mann…

best luck now… c ya !


Give. me. your. skills.


Man… The texturework looks awesome! The whole image looks great… Good job!
Congrats on finishing and good luck with the judging!


congratulation mate~very very welldone~:thumbsup:good luck to u in the finals


wow this is really good. Good job. Good luck on the judging.


Really great work, Eric. A wonderful attention to detail. (And your wife didn’t steer you wrong - I think the piece looks better without that small tree, too! :slight_smile: )
Congrats on finishing!