Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


I have immortalized your tip in a textdocument in which i keep several great tips! :smiley:
But, now… Paint like a madman so the wonders of the finished pic will be bestown upon us watchers!


It is looking awesome! Now hurry, hurry, hurry! Best of luck!


you have some patience with all the detail on the mechanical. I like the look of that mechanic beast.

Keep up!

Good luck!


The reminents of the bird are now in his hand, and I started mocking up the background - I’m working a lot more free-form than the monkey, so things seem to be moving a little faster.

I like how it is looking, but I am not sure if this background suits the scene - too light/dark? or too detailed?

I intend to work on the foreground trees a bit more - bark and knots and such. Also still need to add the other critters, a couple souls higher in the canopy, pebbles & stones, experiment with lighting, and add some minor vegetation on the ground.

Again, thanks for all the helpful comments!


amazing work! i just can’t move my eyes from it!
though, i imagined it as a dark scene, at night… but i also love it like that.
you’r going for the grand prize!! :thumbsup:


That is amazing work. I had imagined a darker scene, but the light in it seems to work anyway.

Top Stuff :thumbsup:


i love the effects of the bird.awesome rendering especially the mecha monkey~awaiting for the forest to complete!:bounce:


I can totally see this on the front cover of expose 4 or something…excellent work…but not sure about the ground, it looks metallic, is it finished?

Definitely one of the top ten for me.


Eric, I love the progress so far on the mechanical monkey but not crazy about the background. Don’t know if there is time but it might look better if you could pull the background in a little closer. Like maybe dense jungle close around him rather than being able to see off through the trees. Of course, in the close foreground you need leaf little and other detritus found on the forst floor, but I am sure that you were already going to add that. Great piece you have here. Can’t wait to see it finished!


Really great idea, lighting and mood. Nice robot design. Good work.


finally a long awaited back drop. i have been keeping an eye on this for aquite some time and i must say i am excited to see the rest of this :slight_smile: :buttrock:


That came together pretty quick at the end there! well done - lovely painting.


That’s exactly what I needed to know - I thought it might need a darker background, but wasn’t sure. The ground still needs a lot of work - pebbles, stones, and small vegetation. I agree that the background needs to be drawn closer to the monkey - I think small vegetation, ground litter, other deceased critters, and a little crisply-lit sapling will do the job. Perhaps some vines among the trees to make it more of a jungle environment instead of just a forest…



hey great work…amazing detail…great lighting…see it in the final for sure


It seems really good with the detail and background.Lighting top of the work is impressive. may be at the flor you can add much more detail.
good luck bro…


Hey Nice Work! The monkey is very finely detailed. My crit involves the background and the floor.

I think the background could use some more interesting use of light. Not necessarily brighter, but varied. The floor is looking a little too close to the texture on the monkey. Give it more contrast by adding twigs and leaves such as one would see on the forest floor. Showcasing the contrast between the machine and the organic surroundings is what will help make this piece shine.


Just adding a few more details - I think the little sapling and the fern really help pull the background forward - still plants to add though. I added a little detail to the ground, but I still need to add debris and the other critters.
Thanks for the input and encouragement!


Excellent work Eric.

I’m amazed how fast you did this, I was wondering how on earth you were going to get it all done in time! But you have, and it’s very nicely painted too.


Thanks Steve-h, hopefully I have plenty of time tomorrow to finish it up. Best of luck!


wow, bit sad for the birdie, but a great pic , dude