Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


hello your concept and sketch very good but i think that the robot’s head and face not similar to a monkey.if you can edit it, your work will be more successfull.good luck


Very tight detail! :cool:
Ok now you have to finish it. What kind of background are you going to draw?
Good luck! :wavey:


I don’t know how I missed this one. Your painting is beautiful but somehow it didn’t catch my eye as a thumbnail until you added the glowy bird soul. Now I’ve gone and looked at all your updates and have to say you’re doing a great job. I especially love the little story! How about a graphic novel telling more about this little guy?

Definitely one of my favorites!




very solid rendering u’ve got~great painting technique on the rusty surface.cool stuff indeed;)


This gets better with each update I see. Very precise detailing.



wow man… u re going to the first !!



this is really a specail work in this challenge ,I love your detail and texture from the robot,fantastic technique,hopefully to see you update soon ,and good luck


This should be in the 3D challenge!! Excellent job, and a very spectacular design indeed! Keep it up!


wow! i saw this picture and i thought : “why does he posting it on 2D section?”. really impressive work.


wow… the colors and the texture looks awesome!!! I can’t wait to see the image finished!!!


Damn, those details are “Spectacular”…
Can’t wait to see the finished version! :smiley:


Thank You for all the wonderful comments. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I have been getting. It is very motivating. I still have quite a bit of work to do…


Eric, your renderskills are amazing!
Reminds me a bit of those airbrushpainting from the eighties. Anyway, this is something extra. The shades and colors are flawless.
Looking forward to the finished pic.
Good Luck!


I finished the mechanical part of the painting… now to work on the environment and deceased critters.

Just a tip: something that works for me when drawing an object with multiple light sources is to draw the entire shape with highlights from one light source, then add in the other(s). In this case, I drew all the parts lit only from above, then added the blue reflections. In all, it makes the texture look more metallic and less rock-like. Hope that helps…

I’m satisfied with how he and the soul turned out - I hope I can do as well on the entire scene.


wow! wow!! the details! the realistic look! fantastic work! the Robot design is very unique, a thing that i didn’t see for a long time. the metal texture u gave it is awesome, and almost looks like a 3D work.
keep up with this, i really want to see the finished scene.
good luck! :thumbsup:


Oh man! Wonderfull! I hope You have enough time to finish!


WOW ! details Looks GREAT ! :thumbsup:
whish you good luck !


that seems interesting design, i like it. But i think the leg and foot design could be harmonious with the other elements like hands…
But this is good too…
good luck…


Great lighting and texturing.


That’s sweet. I’m looking forward to the finished product :bounce: