Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


Nice to see a update, it looks really good!


This is a really awesome effort, I can wait to see the finished picture,
well done so far. :thumbsup:


Hi Eric,

I’m loving the lighting in the last updates. Great the way you captured emotion in his pose. great work!

  • Sam


Perfect technique of working! I like it very much, rusty matel rendering is amazing. Keep on rocking Eric! :applause:


oh my God…:scream: …i am speechless…the detail is incredible…brillian tjob!! three cheeres for you my friend…i want to see this finished!!:wip: :bowdown:


Looking good, Eric! The details are really coming together. Cool work on the glows, too.

just a random thought - can that robot even move with his joints all rusty like that? It’s beautiful texture work, but is it functional at all? Just a thought - when I look at construction vehicles in my city, the outer parts are all rusty and beat up… but they always have those hydraulic joints which are in perfect condition, perfect tubes of chrome. It’s quit a contrast, the nice, shiny hydraulics with the rusted exteriors, but it makes sense: the body can be as rusted as you want if the moving parts stil slide correctly.

Anyhow, just thinking about that in relationship to your piece, maybe something to keep in mind as you get to the lower section. Still, it’s beautiful texture work, man!



this by far the most texturus pice i have ever seen how are managing this
work well done
:beer: good luck


just wanted to say, yours is my favorite. best of luck,


Wonderful work! Looks like a mix of 3d and 2d, very cool style. Good luck for finishing on time :thumbsup:


wow!!! make sure to finish this piece in time… Its one of my favorite images and its not even half finished I see… please, finish this one! good luck :slight_smile:


Just working on some more details. Thanks for the input!
I think I will keep his joints relatively rusty - after working on a farm most of my childhood - I have seen 100-year-old rusty and corroded equiptment work like a charm. I wanted the monkey to seem timeless - never aging/never dying.


I think I have the bird’s soul finished - I wanted it to look a little contorted, but a still kind of peaceful.


now that I see it again - I think I need to adjust the left reflection…


Fantastic rendering here! I like rusty metal rendering very much, bird skeleton looks great too, keep it! :applause:


Wow, looking fantastic. The reflections are great! :applause:


Your Idea is super!:thumbsup:


Looking wonderful. That reflection in the eyes just ties everything together perfectly. Just keep going…! :slight_smile:



With a little critique from my wife, I decided to make the bird more peaceful - less flapping and stressed. I liked how he looked in my sketches - something was lost in my previous post. He almost looked like he was attacking the monkey - not what I had in mind.

I also experimented with the lighting of the monkey - more blue-ish tones help bring the monkey and the soul together.

Thanks again everyone, your comments have really helped me refine my image and concept.


New bird looks great, also is great reflection of blue light on robot monkey :slight_smile:


hmm… looks a bit crowdy with this new position of a bird… I would go with a previous one. Nevertheless, its a great rendering!