Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


Oro: wonder where the idea with the cavity came from…

:banghead: Hey, sorry Oro, forgot to give you credit for the chest idea. I had thought of it before and your poetic description made me decide to go with it. I was writing my comment while I had a quick break at work and meant to quote ya, sorry. Thanks for the great input though! :thumbsup:


I like this concept… maybe his tail should look more mechanical too…

Cant wait to see it finished!


no problem :slight_smile: i was having a bad day so i got pushy with you…sorry…waiting to see what comes next :deal:


hey, great sketches… the line art looks great… I’ll wait to see more…:thumbsup:


Come on
…show some color!!



I worked out some of the details in the monkey and started polishing out his head - getting a feel for how I want him to look.

I haven’t had much of a chance to work lately - got married and was on my honeymoon.



nice use of metal texture


Congratulations on your wedding and a great picture!
The textures are looking great. I’d love to know how you achieve that effect.
The lineart is very detailed too. Nice job.


fantastic texture and colour! love the robot design.


…That’s a good reason for not working… congratulations!

You have a very good imagination for all of those tiny robotic details, and the head coloring is looking great!
Very good job:drool:


congradulations my friend!! and by the way the small components and da huge cavity look damm good! nice to see that you have already prepared for painting the bird spirit with the blue accents…good luck:thumbsup:


I have the head basically finished now - except for the reflection in the eyes (haven’t drawn the soul yet).

Process: Basically I start by blocking in a shape (in photoshop) and applying a basic corroded texture or two to it. I then start working in my lights and darks and specific details . I paint in textures where I need them and use certain affects and layer overlays to achieve the desired look (i.e. several textures and some motion-blurring on the main head shape to make it look like it has been worn by rain.) After that, I add a little bit of blue reflection and lighting from above to get the atmosphere right. Randomizing your brush settings (jitter sliders) can really help in painting your own textures.

Thanks for all the congrats!


:thumbsup: good tutorial :slight_smile:


It’s been a while that I didn’t see your work. From what i see now I can tell you that your robot look really good so far! I’ll continue to follow your progress!

Keep up!:thumbsup:


Hey, Eric.

That’s some really nice texture on the robot’s head. I also like the contrast between the warm and cool metallic colors.


amazing coloring…:eek: I can’t wait to see more…:thumbsup:


This one is going to be amazing, I know it…


Wooooow! :eek: That’s looking sooo dynamic & stylish! :bounce: Really awesome lighting/texturing/feeling/mood! :wink: Also the way you described your process is really interesting and cool: I’m very gratefull to you for posting that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if you yet work on final (print) resolution, or that you now just work on half of that or so… Cause I know printresolution & painting in mány layers in Photoshop, is just a bad mix! :wink: (that’s why I’m planning to use After Effects now for compositing this challenge :hmm: )

This looks sooo promising! I can’t wait for updates!

Good luck to you & All the best in the challenge! :slight_smile:


Just working on some more details…

Actually, I work at full resolution (larger than the requirements), but at the moment I am building the monkey in separate file - haven’t started on the background yet. I have like 50 layers so far, but everything seems to be running smoothly.

Thanks for all the comments and support!


Wow, I am loving the details you are painting. Looks amazing! Your textures are great. Can’t wait to see the final image. Best of luck!