Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


:thumbsup: Great concept and nice to see something a bit different. I love the atmosphere and moody lighting - should look great with the bg you’ve described…

I suppose you could age the robot to suggest immortality and that he’s been around a long time - also maybe add a few more birds?? …keep the great images coming


Neat concept. Nice lighting, too. I almost missed the birds, making them a tad lighter could help… but them, when they’re more thoroughly rendered, they’ll pop more too. Anyhow, great work so far. Good luck!



I find myself oddly fascinated by the scene - almost as much as the robot! lol.

This is a really great concept that is a little different from the rest. I particular like your last sketch and the lighting is done really well. I am not sure if you need to pull back or look up and see other souls. I like the focus of the image as it is. :thumbsup:


I think this is a more dramatic angle for the image - bringing the viewer in a bit closer. I like how you don’t see the dead critters immediately - giving you a glimpse of the monkey’s fascination… then you realize what he’s done.


thanks for all the comments!

MrFreeman - I agree, I want the monkey to look aged and pretty corroded - though still entirely functional. I’ll try to add the affect rusty streaks from ages of rain, small dents and scuffs from his wanderings.

Next, I’ll really try to work out the details in his body - plently of little mechanical parts. In all, I really want to emphasize the lighting and draw your focus to the skeletal soul.


that is a very good idea…it already is very intense and the angle dose wonders for the picture
just as a sugestion: you know that it is thought that the sole is housed near the heart in the chest…so why fon’t you make a cavity of some sort in the middle of his chestfool of mecanical stuff rusted and old…a sort of crying metalic wound…:slight_smile:


OH Yeah!! another one:) …i like this one…maybe more than the lastest…keep goin 'on!! very good ambiance i like…see you later man!!:thumbsup:


wowww man this is so good… amazing… i love it… :thumbsup:

best luck !


Half of me wants to laugh my ass off coz of the idea that the monkey’s innocently “squishing” the life outta those birds… And half of me somewhat feels sick. I dont know why. The idea that he’s doing it out of fascination kinda gets to me. Why not make the idea lighter like say, his data got mixed up and he thinks the birds are bananas or something :scream:

Just kidding. Keep it sick :eek: And again, I dont know why I want you do that…

I’m not sure about your current composition man. I say, make the scene more dynamic by going for either a higher or lower angle. Scene looks too flat. Perhaps you can show more of where those bird-souls are going… Bird heaven or something…


Allright it’s developing quite well, I like that you scaled the image so it could be seen other souls. But I liked more first perspective of monkey… but that’s just my opinion. in any case it already looks awesome Good luck I’ll be watching this one :thumbsup:


I love teh character and colours man, keep it going!!:thumbsup:


I really like what i’m seeing right now! I like the idea. The mechanic monkey look’s cool!
Keep up with your good work!

Good luck!:thumbsup:


I started working on the details and mechanical stuff. I want a decent contrast between large areas of corroded/aged metal and the small intricut mechanical joints.

I had thought of the idea of some sort of empty cavity in his chest - suggesting his soul-lessness. I think it will work well with it image - as long as it is not super-obvious.

Thanks for all the input!


i believe i like you new concept alot better than the old one. everything you’ve submitted so far is it’s own work of art.
one thing i might suggest is giving some sort of brow to the mechmonkey’s face…even if it’s just a little lip of metal.


Wow, amazing atmosphere and detailed lineart so far…I love it! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Excellent work, beautiful lines and colour control



Thanks! Pretty much the only chance I have to work on it is during lunch at work. I’m getting married in a week, so the preparations consume much of my time at home.

I’ve thought about adding a brow, or more primate-like featuress, but I want him to look as innocent as possible - to contrast his actions. I need to upload some of my preliminary sketches (I keep leaving them at work) - some had a brow or a jaw, but didn’t really added what I wanted to his personality. I’ll try to get all my quick sketches together tommorrow.


really nice, love the concept, love the design.



OrO:…just as a sugestion: you know that it is thought that the sole is housed near the heart in the chest…so why fon’t you make a cavity of some sort in the middle of his chestfool of mecanical stuff rusted and old…a sort of crying metalic wound…:slight_smile:

wonder where the idea with the cavity came from :shrug: …the angle looks so good! and the lines so fluent…great job!! you could make a small glass cage in the midle of the chest cavity and put in it a little bird soul(make it look like one) and surrounded by machines and mechanical components…a small speck of life and light in a dead iron shell…good luck!


yeah, a cavity of some kind, with receptors and things… nice idea. further iterates the ‘longing’ aspect.