Spectacular 2D Entry: Eric Claeys


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Latest Update: Final Image: Guiltless


welcome and good luck!! :thumbsup:


My concept is basically a mechanical monkey frantically trying to find a soul of his own - to become ‘alive’. He swings through a lush, harshly lit jungle high above the ground. His hopes and dreams are but inches away. It’s a bit of a modern pinnocio-like narrative.

I think the monkey needs to be a little more stretched and contorted - using every piston in his body to ‘fly’ through the tree branches. I also wanted to leave a bit of a wake in his path - snapped limbs, loose leaves, and a bit of motion blur as the limbs bend and recoil under his heavy chassis… we’ll see if I can pull it off.


Hello Eric! good idea and good sketch!!:thumbsup: good luck for the challenge! will come forward see your next update! see yaaaaaaaaaaaa:scream:


Cool idea, but I think it might look more “spectacular” if you changed the composition a bit, so that the monkey-bot and soul are speeding towards the camera (or look like they’re going to miss it by only an arm’s width) instead of passing perpendicular to the viewing angle like they are now. Looks neat.


…working on a related, but much darker concept…
The beauty of the dead bird’s soul drifting upward is all that the immortal mechanical monkey sees. He is unable to comprehend death - innocently fascinated with what happens when you squish little fuzzy things.

The idea in my head takes place on the floor of a tall forest - sunlight peeking in only far above. The final image would be very verticle - perhaps showing other unfortunate souls rising higher into the canopy.

I really like this concept and will now experiment with composition and a more obvious expression of curiousity on the monkey’s face.

I agree, this sketch and the previous one is much too profile and lacks depth and perspective.

Thanks for all your input!


I like the light very much,
coool pic, good luck :slight_smile:


I love this!

This looks like a really interesting concept… kinda macabre with the dead birds and the blood on his hands, but ‘spectacular’ with the blue light and stuff. Is that the spirit of the birds? I prefer the more sedate composition. It looks like he’s thinking about what he’s doing.

A really interesting approach to the challenge… good luck!


Good concept,
lotta mood in that last sketch! :slight_smile: Very interesting indeed!


thats a really cool concept, and so far you have also executed it very nicely. i’m looking forward to more progress.


Now that’s cruel, but really interesting and beautiful, very original, I’ll be waiting to see how it will look in the final.


very cool and interesting concept, beautifull sketch, I think this will have a lot of potential.
Keeping an eye out :thumbsup:


This is a lovely concept, and the mood of the last sketch is absolutely wonderful, I have to say I prefer it’s quiet spectacularness to that all out action of the other sketch. The only thing I would say is that without the narrative you added to the pic, it would be difficult to pin down exactly what was going on, other than a robot looking at the bird’s soul.

But then again… having written that, I wonder whether you need more than that? shrugs I like it as is actually, ignore that last comment. Keep up with work, can’t wait to see it more detail.


thats really good mate… I am leaning toward androids and robots for my spectacular entry though i ahvent doen much yet… looking great!


i loved this light! keep it going n good luck!


man, absolutley love the colour sketch, looks great. will be watching : ) …


this is out of this world…i love this concept…it is so cold the dead birds and cold metal monkey but it is so expressssive…it really moves …:slight_smile:


Nice sketches! … Youre so good so why not do a few more concepts for us to wonder at :bounce:


Very promising, good luck :thumbsup:


I like that idea. Last update is great!

I’d add some more action… other angry bird souls attacking him from the back lol

good luck to you!