Spectacular 2D Entry: Emmanuel Charon


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Spectacular… Uhh?

Have inspiration all you challengers !!! :bounce:


SNAIL! welcome!



Good Luck:thumbsup:


Squibbit, ace4016 thanks a lot

May the Inspiration be with you


comes with all u people here :thumbsup:



hie snail,good luck to u too~:bounce:


Hey Spacey! Have loadsa fun and best luck mate! :slight_smile:


Hello Sachaa

good luckk :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hehe Salut Emanuel! It’s so great to see we have another gathering :smiley:


Good luck emmanuel.

Maybe you could won this challenge with the picture you made for amster and servant. It was spectacular I thought.


Hi emmanuel, i’m glad to see you here, i wait one of your amazing pic, good luck. Allez jette toi et fait nous encore du grand art


the snail from space is here!! yaaaaay!


wooohooo!!! wellcome spacesnail!!!best luck to you:D


Bonjour Manu,
oooh, this is going to be fun. See you around my friend, heeheehee.


the1st_angel : how is you cintiq ?
authentic : hello dear hair loser. Thanks for your kind comment on my previous pic
MDN67 : merci beaucoup. Je sens qu’on va bien 'amuer !!!
NOOB! : Hi dear Dali-esque NOOB!
calisto : YES ! Damzelle Calisto is here !!!
Arc80 : Hello Archie. Here we go again.

Good luck to you all… Have you noticed that we have 3 months to work, this time?

Here are my first thoughts :

1 - The magician who stole the moon in his handkerchief : the greatest magician in the world is about to make the moon disappear… Hint : that’s a matter of point of view…
2 - The Show Must Go On : a huge rock show, where all the staff is on stage, supported by senile dinosaurs ! With full projectors, Kiss-like groupies. The stage would be made of dinosaurs’ skelettons and all power produced by fat hamsters.
3 - A Ben Hur-like powerdrome : a big race showing plenty of dinornis running, crashing, etc… The arena is ancient-like, but there a lot of lights and huge screens for the show…

That’s all for the moment, Folks.




Salut Manu! Great to see you here, I just know we’re gong to see some more work formidable, bon chance! (or should that be bonne chance?)


Hi Sam ! It’s a great pleasure to see you and many well-known names in this challenge !!!
I wish you the best of Inspiration :thumbsup: :bounce:

btw : you were right when you wrote “bonne chance”, He He

About my thoughts for this challenge, I’ll add this one :

  • a micro-race between dragonflies and their riders, seen thru some microscopic camera.


Spacesnail, welcome back, good luck to cuzzo, holla!:scream:


Yo snail! Hope to see some real killer details this time aswell! :smiley:

Good luck!