Spectacular 2D Entry: Dovydas Baksys


I working, on fairys, I wanted to show you it little bit closer. Here you can see fairies… Dancing fairies boy and girl.


Very Nice Man…i Like It More When She Was Facing The Other Way.
Very Pretty



I already have finished last work on two fairies. Now I want to show you a girl, I dont think that composition is good. The girl are kissing fairy. But I think my fairy doesnt look like fairy:] Anyway…


bebuciuojanti feja per daug spindi, net nesimato jos konturu, todel ir “neatrodo kaip feja”.

the kissing fairy is shining too much, you can’t even see it’s silhouette, that’s why “it doesn’t look like a fairy”.
You can also make the fairies bigger and I REALLY doubt the girl would rotate her head to kiss one, because the fairy is way too small - we naturaly turn our heads so that our noses wouldn’t get in the way~.


So I finished final coloring and together all image:)


At last I was finishing my work

So my idea:

A long time ago, in the a land very far away, lived a princess Teydia. It was a wonderous place in which she was living with pixies and faries. There was little township near that land in which was living a bad witch. She cursed the princess and her wonderful land. One day bad witch damned that wondrous land.
The sky eclipsed, the tress interflow with their branches, the faries became demons and the pixies were jailed inside the trees. The young princess knew about the miracle fairy Austia which the bad witch had captured. The hex is stealing energy from the mystical fairy to use for her own nefarious purposes.
One day the bad witch decided to go to city centre. The little fairy Austia was left in the crystal pyramid. She knew what had happened… The hex made a gross blunder, she had left the pyramid near the window, on the edge of the table. Suddenly, there was a whiff of wind and the pyramind fell down. whilst young princess’s Teydia tear was falling down, in the wonderosus land the pyramind was shivering just like the tear. After some time Austia and Teydia were in the forest. The young princess had taken the little fairy by the hand and kissed her on the forehead. Then the evil curse melted away. The witch was struck by a heart attack and disappeared in a puff of yellow smoke. The miracle land became free…
I was there. I worked as a cleaner in the castle. Beer and mead drunk. In the evenings I went with the tinker pixies to the fairies.

I used „PS“ and „Painter“. The fairy-tale i created myself. The origional resolution a picture is 3000 x 2000 pix. I did not use a layer. All was painted on the background like on a conventional picture.



you have one problem

your piece does not reflect the story

you can’t tell there was a witch and imprisoned faeries and all that

don’t just paint extacts from your story paint images that tell the story for you


What a fool:banghead: I missed my story part. Sorry.


:slight_smile: Madgike work!!!I lake it1!Good lacke!


Thank you! :bounce: But it isn’t good…


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