Spectacular 2D Entry: Dovydas Baksys


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Latest Update: Final Image: Night iliusion


This is quick sketch for my work, you see here girl, in her hand is fairy, this bad this whitch I will change, I think it better looks if girl will kiss fairy.


Hey Chiaotzu! I think it would be good if you expanded the idea a bit more. tell us whats going on and why the girl and the fairy are kissing etc…Also, a more dramatic angle/perspective could make it a lot more spectacular! Hope to see some more soon, and good luck!


Now I have line art image, or something like that:)


I’m sorry for bad English…:sad: In this image, you can see the forest trees and lops are connected, it look like fance, which are saving girl and fairy. Who are fairy? fairy is moonlight ray. From the dark scrubs, you will see strange lights or silhouettes, I’d like to show that something terrible coming here and want to stoped this fateful kiss… Hmmm what I can say else, let me think…


This is a larger image, orginal size actually is 2000 x 3000 pix. Here you can see better picture details


Now I started coloring my picture, I think I’ll use here more “cold” colors. For my opinion, I’ll have most problem with girl painting.


Hi! My advice would be to reduce the saturation of the colours you are using. That blue is very, very saturated. At night, and in dark or shadowy situations in general, colour saturation is much lower than in daylight, and edges appear softer and more mysterious.

I also think the green looks wrong to me. Colour comes from reflecting or absorbing certain spectra in the light waves themselves. At night, the light from the sun is bounced against the moon which robs it of a lot of potency, which then have to push their way through our sky which results in a very slightly bluish white light. It’s much less blue than you might think. So I don’t think green things look like that at night. I think they look more-or-less completely unsaturated and dark.

The upside of reducing your palette and overall saturation is that when you put the girl and the fairy in, you can use a much brighter and more saturated light on the fairy. This will help the subject stand out nicely. Good luck!


New coloring, changed green color…


colors are still too saturated. night scene was a heavy task to choose, especially for 2d painting. i suggest you to look for reference images (i’d recommend painted artwork, not photos), and study how other artists managed to achieve appealing look of the night.



I changed colors. How looks it now?



lokking very good! Great design of the forrest. Nice to see somthing different in terms of style.

I like the fact that your colours are quite bold. It gives it a painterly look.

good luck


Hi again, now I started to paint the grass and some trees.


nice coloring… interesting idea:)


Hi all. How my works looks? Somepoeples said thad shadows are bad… What do you think?


Hey again! So, now I started girl painting, I changed girl pose, so you see different pose then in scetch:)


you need to focus on your technique more, do a lot loose sketches and pick the best one. This pic is a bit too stiff, do loose sketches and tighten them up. That way you’ll get dynamic style of a sketch combined with detailed finish.



I still working on trees…


Hey again.

Well Im going to finish my work. Now understand, that composition isn’t good. Colors I dont know I think I use too much blue color. I dont want to tell about idea now;] Now I working with flowers in forward. So what do you think?:slight_smile:


o nice steppp s to reach to this wrok :thumbsup: