Spectacular 2D Entry: Diego Peña


Diego Peña is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Coloring WIP: The protector spirit


Doesnt the contest end tomorrow?!


41 horus but hey… still better shit gold mate …seidon, best of luck.


Hi everyone … Well, I know it’s a little bit late but here we go! Cats have allways being the Human Social evolution as Icons of mistery and independence, In this scene flesh and fur make the perfect alliance to express the moment when humans reencouter their feline Influence


I know this hadn’t been the best timing to get my work uploaded but I did’t want to let go until I had something to show, here the process …






Keep on working… it’s a shame not to do this before


well I feel i got somenthing now


To this point I stoped to regard a litte bit the contrast I believe I will upload the big one now. I know there is almost imposible but if there is nay one outhere who may say anything about it please doit so I can learn from eperienced professionals


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